3 Types of Roof Cleaning Methods

3 Types of Roof Cleaning Methods

15th March 2022

3 Types of Roof Cleaning Methods

21st March 2022

The roof, over time, can have dark or brown streaks on them if you do not regularly maintain them. The dark condition is caused by the presence of moss and algae on your roof. Their presence makes your roofing system look old and makes you vulnerable to constant repair work. It’s therefore important to clean the roof to remove these substances. There are various cleaning methods of effectively removing algae and moss on your roof. Here are some of them.

High-Pressure Wash

The cleaning process involves pressuring water. Our expert roof cleaners in Wirral will use a machine that pressurizes water with a hose and wand that has a trigger. They will point out the area that is affected by the moss or algae and pressure wash it. Even though it’s an excellent way to clean the roof, not all types of roofs can use this method.

3 types of roof cleaning methods

Suppose you have shingles on your roof, then it’s best to keep away from this method – As it will dislodge particles into the shingles, which will make them to age quicker. If you go seeking for warranty coverage, you will become void of it as shingle manufacturers do not recommend it on their roofs.

Using Chemical

You can use chemicals like sodium hydroxide or lye on the lichen or moss on your roof. It is a delicate part of your home and can easily get damaged if you use the wrong chemicals on them. For example, if you have shingles as your roofing system, then using chemicals as a way to get rid of lichen or moss is not advisable, as they will get damaged.

The chemicals can even destroy particles that protect your roofing system from falling away. Plus the surrounding plants in your house. The situation can leave dead spots to deal with after the cleaning service.

Low-Pressure Wash

The ultimate method to use for Wirral roof cleaning is a low-pressure wash. This method combines the best elements of high-pressure wash and chemical washes. The process will help wash your roof without damaging your surroundings. The process utilizes a battery-operated sprayer. Then we spray cleansers on the roof that is Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

The process leaves your roof without damaging it and its surrounding. The technique allows your roofing system to remain clean for longer when you compare it with the other two techniques. 

Just Clean Property Care, Home of Proficient Roof Cleaning Service

At Just Clean Property Care, we pride ourselves on providing decent cleaning services. We incorporate only the best cleaning method to effectively eliminate dirt, debris, moss, algae, and other substances that can damage the roof. Our cleaners are trained and have all the appropriate insurance coverage to curb all unexpected risks associated with this process.

Don’t let lichen and moss make your home look unkempt, reach out to us for extra order cleaning service. We are always happy to help our clients with vital information regarding roofs. So, if you’re looking for the best roof cleaning company in Wirral, we’re a phone call away!