A Brief Guide to Gutter Cleaning

A Brief Guide to Gutter Cleaning

21st March 2022

A Brief Guide to Gutter Cleaning

21st March 2022

Cleaning gutters is an essential aspect of maintaining the overall structure and foundation of a house. Dust, dirt, leaves and other wastes may accumulate in these gutters and clog them. So, to prevent any potential water damage from the gutter system, it is essential to clean them regularly. It is best to clean them once every few months, especially after fall.

While getting professional help to can your gutter is always an option, if you done properly, an average homeowner can do it themselves! We are here with a step-by-step guide that will help you understand what you need to know during gutter cleaning. Continue reading to learn more!

A Brief Guide to Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning: Step-by-step Guide

It is not a bad idea to get up there and clear the gutter out yourself. This is, of course, is only safe when you’ve done it correctly. We’ve listed out some steps that you can follow while cleaning your gutter: 

Step 1: First, find yourself a sturdy, good quality ladder that is tall enough to reach the roof. Make sure you place the ladder on a solid surface so that it doesn’t move when you climb to the top. It is recommended to have someone at the base in case the ladder loses a little balance.

Step 2: Just because you’re not a professional doesn’t mean you won’t dress like one! Put on the right clothes such as a T-shirt with long sleeves, pants and cleaning gloves. We recommend wearing something to protect your eyes with as well. 

Step 3: Next, climb up to the top and scoop the gunk away! Avoid throwing the waste on the ground. Instead, use a garbage bag or trash can to throw the waste in. 

Step 4: Make sure you lay tarp on your work area so the gunk has somewhere to land. If it falls, it may damage the landscape. 

Step 5: Once you have finished clearing out the waste from the gutter, flush the gutter and downspouts with water. This will ensure any remaining waste has cleared out. 

Step 6: Finally, look out for any sagging metal to repair once you’re don’t cleaning the gutter. It’s best to keep an eye on for any pest manifestation or mold formation as well. 

There are various tutorials online that can help you with that. If winter is approaching, you can prepare your gutter for the cold weather as well. 


Cleaning gutters isn’t an easy job but it’s not too complex either. Once you figure out doing it the first time, it’s a much easier task later. However, if you are not feeling too confident before the job, it’s best to call for professional help. Please remember to be safe on the ladder. Make sure the surface is sturdy and try having someone around to be handy. 

We hope this article gave you a fair idea on how it needs to be done. Happy cleaning!