A Guide To Cleaning a Copper Roof

A Guide To Cleaning a Copper Roof

20th October 2020

A Guide To Cleaning a Copper Roof

20th October 2020

A Copper Roof has durability and other properties that are comparatively better than most metal roofs. They have appealing designs and come with proper installation. Plus, this roofing solution is meant for long-term usage and is pretty economical. Their maintenance costs are low, which makes them of great value. They also have a tough design statement that makes them stand out like a classy piece of architecture. You can follow these measures to highlight them better:

As Always, Safety Precautions are a Must

Athletic shoes or any other shoes with good tread is necessary during the cleaning process. You need to have a steady balance to avoid slipping and injuring yourself. Plus, many brands create boots for roof cleaning. You could try buying them instead as they come with special pads underneath. Now you will need a safety harness to maintain your balance and avoid slipping.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for strapping the harness belt. Remember to work on a sunny, pleasant day instead of rainy, windy, and snowy days. It is unstable to work under these weathers as it is dangerous. We also advise you to avoid working on extremely hot days as the roof will get too hot for cleaning.

Debris & Dirt Removal

You will need a push broom with soft bristles for getting all the debris, dirt, and plant matter off your roof. Start from the ridge and push them off the roof. It is also smart to cut off all the branches that are nearing your roof. In this way, you will be preventing the future growth of these things. While you are at it, try to get rid of all the bird poops as they contain acid that could lead to corrosion. You can clean up everything with a wooden or a plastic spatula and finish it off with a wet cotton cloth.

You will need distilled water for rinsing the roof, and make sure to use multiple buckets. Distilled water isn’t going to harm your roof as it doesn’t carry any harmful minerals. In a circular motion, try to dry off everything with a clean rag. So, you don’t end up with marks and water streaks as your roof dries. Avoid using rags that came in contact with fabric softeners too.

Deep Clean

Now you will need a bucket that has a capacity of five gallons for creating the cleaning paste. Add five cups of flour and also 1.5 Tsp of salt to mix them. Proceed to add 30 Ounces of white vinegar that is distilled in the bucket. Start to mix them with salt and flour. Plus, the vinegar by nature is acidic and so it will remove all the stains on your roof.

Use a paint stick for mixing the solution to form a paste. It will start to look like toothpaste once it becomes consistent. Try adding vinegar to the paste if it gets too thick for use. Now you need to use a paintbrush for smearing the paste on your roof. For uniform roof cleaning, you will need to stick with even layering of the paste.

You have to let your paste dry for a good 15 minutes. As the paste is drying, the vinegar will easily clear off all the old Platina from your copper. It will help restore the original shiny appealing look of your copper roof. Now you need to use a sponge or wet cloth for scrubbing all the paste off the roof.

It is best to clean in a circular motion for removing all the dried paste from your roof. To rinse everything, you will need a boiled or cool distilled water for loosening and clearing all the paste. Now you will need a clean cotton rag for cleaning up all the moisture and preventing watermarks.


Yes, Copper roofs are long-lasting and resistant to corrosion. They are known for withstanding harsh environmental conditions with ease. However, like all things, they do tend to wear out with time. With exposure to oxidation, dirt, and water, the discolouration of your copper will happen. You need to follow all the pointers mentioned above. You could also consider calling our own Stockport roof cleaning company for a professional and satisfactory outcome.