The Benefits of Cleaning Your Roof

29th January 2019

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Roof

29th January 2019

The first impression matters a lot. When it comes to community socializing and property valuation, nothing kills the mood like a decaying roof.

Keeping your roof clean and presentable is one to attract potential renters, buyers and guests.
But why should you do roof cleaning Wigan? In an ideal world, the roof keeps you safe from harsh elements like rain, wind, and sunlight. For this, it accumulates lots of damages over the years.

In the early years, these damages are barely visible. Since your roof looks okay, you may not think about the importance of regular maintenance activities.

However, if you look closely, you may notice dents, uneven shingles, and discolouration littering your roof. Some few more rainy seasons, and you’ll be able to see signs of algae, mildew, moss, and lichen.

These stains and damages are bad for the integrity of your roofing. Even worse, they make it unappealing. It’s time to invest in roof cleaning.

These are some top benefits that’ll accrue from this process.

Removes Unattractive

Do you want to improve the general appearance of your home? Start by removing the dark stains on your roof.

Black streaks result from algae growing on your roof. Even worse, algae can grow in dry conditions, exposure to direct sunlight won’t stop it from ruining your home’s appearance.

Dark stains result from debris that falls during water stains and harsh weather. Other than being less appealing, dark stains render your house less energy efficient. With this, it absorbs more heat, making heat regulation quite expensive.

Prevents Water Damage Due to Mould Growth

Moss likes to grow on roofs. However, surface cleaning doesn’t help in controlling it. That’s because it quickly grows underneath the shingles creating pits on your roof surface. If you don’t arrest the situation, moss will do extensive damage to your roof, resulting in internal water damage.

Algae feed off limestone from asphalt shingles resulting in a weak roof, making it susceptible to further damages. Internal water and moulding damage are costly and inconvenient to fix and repair.

Keep Warranty on Your Shingles

The roof is among the most expensive parts to repair or replace in your home. Having a warranty on your shingles comes in handy when doing repairs. However, these warranty terms have their rules and regulations.

For instance, the warranty is only valid if you maintain a good roof. If you don’t put any effort to support your roof, you’ll have a lot of problems negotiating with your manufacturer.

Extends the Lifespan of Your Roof

Whether you’re looking forward to selling your house or live in the neighbourhood, extending the lifespan of your roof must be a priority.

Other than your home’s foundation, the roof is the next significant consideration potential buyers look for. It guarantees them comfort and safety.

By committing to regular maintenance exercise, you’ll be saving yourself thousands of dollars in roof repair or replacements.

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