Best Driveway Cleaning Methods

Best Driveway Cleaning Methods

12th June 2021

Best Driveway Cleaning Methods

??th June 2021

A great and clean driveway leads to the best-looking homes. An unattended driveway will gather debris, mud, stains, algae, and grime which will damage and create cracks that might be irreparable in time. Therefore, timely cleaning and maintenance of the driveway are vital.

In this article, you will learn the best methods to keep your driveway clean and beautiful.

Preparing to clean the driveway

It is vital to know the material and type of your driveway so that the cleaning doesn’t damage the surface. If you cannot identify, you could use the help of an expert to do so.

Before you start, the first step is to look for grease, gasoline, and oil stains which can be slippery and hazardous. Pour absorbent on the stains to allow absorption of the oil or grease for a couple of hours. Now we shall find out the different kinds of driveway dirt and how to systematically clean them.

Dry leaves and organic litter

Dried grass from the lawn and dead leaves always gets collected on the driveway. If left unattended for long, they will decompose and leave a temporary stain on the surface, making it look unattractive. 

We start by cleaning the grass, debris, leaves, and the absorbent poured on the oil stains. With a stiff-bristled solid outdoor broom, rake them away and sweep the whole driveway, including the mud and dirt from the block gaps and cracks. Scrub off any stain using a solution of dishwashing powder and hot water with a stiff brush.

Grease and gasoline spills

Grease, oil, and gasoline spills create an unattractive patch, and therefore it is vital to remove them promptly. Since you have poured sawdust, kitty litter, or any other absorbent and swept in the beginning, you can use dishing washing detergent and a solution of washing soda and hot water. Let the detergent sit for about 30 minutes, then with a deck brush, scrub the stain along with the solution.

Note that the driveway made of asphalt has to use expert-recommended detergents.

Paint spills

Paint spills are very noticeable and look very messy, but depending on the nature of the paint, they can easily be removed.

Oil-based paints will have to be scrubbed off with a stiff brush using a paint-stripping solution. It is only for concrete driveways. For the asphalt, you will have to use a sealer to conceal the spill area.

Latex paints will have to be scrubbed off with a stiff brush using water and standard scouring powder solution.

Rusty stains

Rusty metallic objects lying on the driveway will form rusty spots. It can be scrubbed off by a stiff brush using a half-cup of muriatic acid and 4 cups of cold-water solution. Always use safety precautions and protective gears to avoid acid contact with your skin.

Pressure washing the driveway.

After sweeping the debris and removing the stains, the final step is to pressure wash the driveway to remove any remaining dirt, mud, scrubbed paints to make your driveway look clean. Do read and follow the manual of your pressure cleaner for the appropriate detergent for your specific models.


Driveways are exposed to many dirt and spills; therefore, a good maintenance practice will ensure a clean and durable driveway. Always maintain frequent sweeping, clean the greasy and oily spill, and sealing cracks on the driveways.