Can You Clean Your Roof On Your Own?

Can You Clean Your Roof On Your Own?

2nd March 2021

Can You Clean Your Roof On Your Own?

2nd March 2021

Roofs, like any other thing, are bound to get dirty, and when it gets dirty, it not only spoils the beauty of your house but also decreases the roof’s longevity. That is why we recommend you regularly inspect and clean your roof such that your roof looks good while also lasting for a long time. The question here is, can you clean your roof yourself?

Roof cleaning can be dangerous.

While you can clean your roof yourself, it will be dangerous considering the slope of the roof and it being wet. Besides, you will also have to be carrying different tools, so it would be much safer for you to hire professionals. Also, they would give you much better results.

Roof cleaning requires skills.

While roof cleaning looks simple, it takes skill and basic know-how. Think of having to balance on your roof while using different equipment and tools. You would have to put on safety harnesses because falling from a roof would cause you severe damage, or it could even be fatal. It is not an easy feat and requires expertise to clean in between cracks and shingles. 

Utilisation of different materials for different roof types.

Depending on whether your roof is old or new, you would need to apply different pressure accordingly. Roofs that are older would need soft wash cleansers. These mild wash cleansers are gentle, using low pressure to clean. And won’t cause damage to your brittle roof tiles or shingles. And a professional roof cleaner would exactly know what kind of pressure your roof would be needing.

The need to hire professionals.

It would be best for you to hire a professional because a professional will know the best-suited agents for the dirt and grime on your roof. Besides dirt and dust, there is algae and moss, which may be more detrimental than we imagine. Unlike dust and dirt, they grow over time, so it is highly recommended that we clean our roofs from time to time. Because if these aren’t cleaned in time, it may cause further damage to your house besides your roofs, such as leaks.

Conduct routine checking of your roof.

It is also important to remember not to wait for algae and moss to become visible and obvious. Because by the time it becomes visible, it may cause you more repair. The more they build up, the more complex and more of a work it becomes.

It is a worthy investment.

The hiring of professional roof cleaning services in St Helens is not a waste of money. It is an investment. Because they not only revamp your house’s outlook, they also increase your roofs’ life and durability. They will also give you results much better than cleaning your roof yourself because they know exactly where to clean and what agents and disinfectants to use. They would also be able to clean every nook and corner better.

Regular washing and cleaning of your roofs will prevent debris, dust, moss, algae, or other microorganisms from building up. And will also give your house a more contemporary and cleaner look, ensuring that your home looks its best.