Simple methods to clean your concrete driveway

Simple methods to clean your concrete driveway

10th August 2020

Simple methods to clean your concrete driveway

10th August 2020

Your concrete driveway is the gateway to your house. And, an underwhelming portal can just as easily ruin the entire experience. After all, the first impression is the ultimate measuring stick. Whether you’re hosting a party or hammering a “for sale” sign on your front porch, your driveway is going to play a massive role.

The aesthetic integrity of your concrete driveway gives guests a good idea of what they can expect on the inside. So, if you do not want your guests walking inside your house with a mental picture full of garbage (literally), you have to start cleaning up.

For optimal driveway cleaning results, a professional cleaning service is highly recommended, such as our own driveway cleaners in Manchester. However, there are some simple DIY methods to get your driveway cleaned.

General driveway cleaning

General cleaning usually indicates dealing with some basic debris and junks like fallen leaves, pine needles, or piles of mulch. For cleaning such garbage, you do not require any specialised treatment. Instead, you can use a simple solution of soap and water to rub the stains off.

Usually, when dead leaves accumulate on your driveway, they leave behind a distinctive brown stain. In addition, they also release a specific by-product called tannin. Even though they are harmless, they can give the surface a rusty appearance (and not in a good way). For removing such simple stains, you can mix ½ cup of detergent (or soap) with water and rub them off with a hard brush.

Cleaning automobile by-products

Auto-related grease and oil spills are one of the most annoying and persistent stains. Unlike the traditional leaf stains, these automobile stains do not easily come off. Hence, you may require power cleaning using a pressure washer.

Automobile spills like brake fluid, motor oil, and gasoline spills do not come off with just simple water treatment. The best method is to use a suitable absorber to soak up as much as fresh spills as possible. The rule of thumb is to let the absorber sit for about an hour to let it soak up the spills completely. After that, you can use a power washer to effectively clean out the persistent stains.

A fan tip, in particular, works best for concrete driveways. However, do keep in mind that power washers can be dangerous. So, it is advisable to take proper cautions.

Cleaning rust stains

A rust stain on the concrete driveway is an eyesore. The worse thing about such stains is that they are quick to appear, but are relatively difficult to get rid of. They can give your concrete driveway an unappealing and a rather repulsive outlook. Luckily, there are some simple ways to get rid of rust stains.

Minor rust stains can easily be removed by using a simple solution of soap and water along with lemon juice. You can start by spraying the soap and water solution to the rust stain. Clean the surface and let it dry up completely. Now, pour or spray the lemon juice on the stained area. Let it sit for about 10-20 minutes to let soak up the stain properly. Finally, scrub it off using a wire brush.

If you have a concrete driveway in the need of a professional cleaning, contact Just Clean Property Care today and see how our Manchester driveway cleaning company can help you.