Clean Your Conservatory The Right Way

Clean Your Conservatory The Right Way

10th August 2020

Clean Your Conservatory The Right Way

10th August 2020

Conservatory cleaning is unlike any other typical cleaning task. It is a very delicate chore that involves an ample number of Dos and Dons. It may not be as simple as just spraying water and wiping it clean. The unique structure of a conservator requires a unique cleaning approach.

For such reasons, the ideal way to get your conservatory a deep cleaning is to hire a professional company to clean your conservatory in Cheshire, such as Just Clean Property Care.. However, it is highly recommended that you take up small cleaning tasks routinely. This will protect your conservatory from building up excess dirt, dust, and also protect its structural integrity. Here are some simple tips to help you clean your conservatory the right way.

Use a water-fed pole system

A typical conservatory cleaning is complicated as it is. You do not need to make things more difficult by taking up conventional methods. A water-fed pole system is a piece of life-saving equipment that reduces your cleaning work and time by a substantial degree. The system allows you to clean your conservatory without missing any corners. All that, while standing on the ground.

You can use a telescopic angle pole and attach a water nozzle to your conservatory to spray water or detergent. The adjustable pole mechanism allows you to clean out dirt from tricky areas that are generally difficult to reach using conventional methods.

Pay special attention to the framework

This probably goes without saying, but the wooden framework requires much more extensive care compared to the glass surface. As mentioned already, do not use any solution that may contain a high amount of alkali or acid. Such a solution can weaken your wooden framework and cause physical instability.

Also, clean the frameworks before the window glasses to prevent doubling your effort. Usually, frameworks produce a lot of residual dirt, which spills back to the glasses. Thus, by cleaning the frame first, you can avoid double-cleaning the glass surface.

Safety first

Scratch all the unique cleaning techniques! If you do not take proper safety measures, you can end up cleaning more than just your conservatory. There are some standard safety measures that you should keep in mind before proceeding to clean your conservatory.

The first rule of thumb is to NEVER stand on the glass roof. No matter how robust the structure feels, it is still a glass pane. They can easily crack under the slightest of pressure and cause serious injuries. The ideal way to prevent this is to get an adjustable telescopic pole that can reach out to every corner to the conservatory.

It is also not advisable to clean your conservatory on a windy day, especially if you’re using the ladder system. Experts only recommend using a ladder only when there is a concrete surface to hold it securely. If you are unsure about cleaning your conservatory, always speak to the professionals to handle your conservatory cleaning in Cheshire.