Conservatory Cleaning Tips: What to Adopt or Avoid

Conservatory Cleaning Tips: What to Adopt or Avoid

28th September 2021

Conservatory Cleaning Tips: What to Adopt or Avoid

28th September 2021

Having a conservatory is a lot of fun. You can use it as your favourite part of the house for dinner dates and hosting any gatherings. The challenging part, though, is maintaining it routinely so as not to lose its shine and value.

For this activity, you have to call in the professional conservatory cleaners in Cheshire. However, if you intend to save your budget by cleaning it yourself, here are some things you should adopt and some you should consider avoiding.

Practice minor maintenance work regularly

Do not use procrastination when dealing with your conservatory.  Algae and moss sticking on a conservatory look nasty and can cause significant leakage and other damage. 

The damage will cost you a fortune.

It is, thus, a wise choice to do minor clean-ups of your conservatory regularly. Or better yet, conduct a thorough maintenance work every three months instead of the standard recommended period, which can be six months or more.

Conservatory Cleaning Tips: What to Adopt or Avoid

Avoid using stiff brushes

Try as much as possible to avoid using brushes or maybe get a very soft bristle brush. Be very selective with your tools. They should not do more harm than good.  

Dust and algae are easily removed just by using a garden hose. Stiff brushes can damage the finials and glass panels.

Invest in good cleaning products

Conservatory roofs are made from different materials. Depending on your conservatory, invest in the best cleaning solution.  

Many cleaning experts will bring their own trade secret cleaning solutions, but if you intend on taking matters into your own hands, do your research and purchase a good product.  

You will need three essential solutions: your UPVC cleaner, mould and algae remover and a glass cleaner.

Do not get over-zealous

Do not try to climb onto your conservatory roof. This is a dangerous stunt and can cause significant damage to yourself and your roof. If you need to cover every corner of your roof, call in a professional cleaner, or you can improvise by using a pole stick clipped with a spray. 

Use a ladder if you have a partner to hold the end of the ladder for you. In most cases, ladders are not recommended to an amateur conservatory cleaner.  

Clean the gutters

Make sure to clean your gutters regularly. Remove blockages such as dirt, leaves and debris so that your drain does not overflow. Better yet, seek professional help for this part of the job.  

If this is not carried out periodically, there are very high chances the excess water will cause damage to both your conservatory and even your home.  

It is thus a good practice to keep a check on the free flow of water into your gutter.  


Maintaining a conservatory may seem like a lot of work to many people; however, it becomes more straightforward once you get the hang of what you should and shouldn’t do. You can also improvise by identifying which cleaning technique works best for you. It is okay to experiment. But do not stray far from the basic guidelines.