Cost of UPVC Cleaning

Cost of UPVC Cleaning

27th September 2021

Cost of UPVC Cleaning

27th September 2021

Owning UPVC doors, windows or conservatories is an intelligent choice. However, despite its easy-to-maintain quality, it also comes down to paying for its up-keep at some point in time.  

You can practice minor maintenance habits independently, but your UPVC will require deep cleaning every six months.  

The prices of UPVC cleaning in Cheshire may vary according to the size of your UPVC, which section the cleaners will work on and how much in-depth cleaning is required.  

Listed below are the estimated range charged by the professionals.

The cost for cleaning UPVC doors and windows 

Your doors and windows are the ‘front office’ of your home. Thus, they must be in their best shape. Immediately address issues like algae and mould on your door and window frames to avoid long-term damage. 

Cleaning UPVC doors and windows will cost about ten dollars. The range can go all the way up to forty dollars, depending on the number of doors or windows.  

Always be smart when paying for the service. If your UPVC is still in good shape without any discolouration, and has limited doors and windows, you can spend about seven to eight dollars. Old doors and windows will need more attention. Thus, you will be charged accordingly.  

Cost of UPVC Cleaning

UPVC gutters 

Cleaning the gutters from debris, leaves, and other loose items regularly is crucial to giving your UPVC a longer shelf life. Gutters should not be blocked at any given point in time. Always make sure you keep a watch out for free-flow of excess water to prevent leakage. 

The cost of cleaning the gutters can range between twenty to fifty dollars. It is wiser to call in the experts for this job segment.  

While the professionals are at it, you may also want them to clean your Fascias and soffits. The price for this segment can range between fifteen to twenty dollars.  

The cost of cleaning a UPVC Conservatory 

The weather conditions can take their toll on your conservatory, making it look dull and worn out. In time, dust and debris can settle on your conservatory roofs. It is also a hot spot for algae and mould to multiply. 

Thus, it is crucial to keep your conservatory looking bright and lustrous. They add value to your home.

The price will fluctuate depending on the size of your conservatory. The cost of its overall maintenance is estimated at around a hundred to hundred fifteen dollars. This range is said for exteriors only. Should you wish to include the interior part of your conservatory, the cleaning charge may go up. 


The cost of cleaning UPVC doors, windows and conservatories may even vary from country to country. It is a good practice to carry out deep cleaning every six months or once a year.  

UPVC is such a material that it will not demand too much attention. You can always carry out the cleaning of your windows and door frames on your own. However, remember that it would require a whole day’s work, which can be physically challenging.