Do You Need To Clean Your Driveway?

Do You Need To Clean Your Driveway?

11th July 2021

Do You Need To Clean Your Driveway?

11th July 2021

The short answer is yes. Driveways connect the yard to the street and make sure that cars have a safe passage into the garage. 

Instead of a driveway, imagine a strip of land connecting your garage to the street. In dry seasons it would whip up quite a dust storm around your house. And in wet seasons, you’d find it impossible to drive or walk into your home without leaving a trail of mud behind you. The practicality of driveways is undeniable.

But why is its maintenance necessary? You might think that simply having a driveway alone is enough. We’ve highlighted some pointers below, which explains why maintaining and cleaning driveways are essential. For the best possible service, you should contact Just Clean Property Care: we enlist only the best driveway cleaners in Manchester to deal with these jobs!

Better Curb Appeal

Besides the practical aspect of driveways, they can add to the overall aesthetic of our homes. A well-constructed driveway that matches your home can be a boon to its overall appearance.

Say you’ve installed the proper driveway for your home. Keeping it looking fresh would be the main goal. Dirt and grime on most things can make it look aged when it isn’t. As such, with a shabby driveway, your home would look even older and not put together. 

Make it a duty to have your driveway cleaned regularly. Depending on what your driveway is made of, there will be specific tools that you have to use. Usually, a hose and an outdoor broom are more than enough for getting rid of most things.

Cutting out the Workload

Sooner or later, the driveway will reach a stage where you would have to clean it. Dirt, oil, grease, and all sorts of gunk can pile up on your driveway. Oil and grease spots, in particular, are tough to remove. Plus, with constant motor-plying over the area, it’s bound to get a few of these stains. 

If you keep putting off the cleaning, the workload will pile up. And when you finally come around to clean it, the job would have become too enormous of a task. It could also discourage you from ever cleaning it.

Incorporating the cleaning throughout different parts of the year can lessen the workload. And you can avoid those dreaded ‘cleaning days.’

Stretch-Out Its Lifespan

Avoiding maintenance can abject a lot of wear and tear to a driveway. The accumulation of moss, mildew, or sometimes mold can compromise the integrity of the driveway. Especially with surfaces like concrete, once the moss is formed, removal usually erodes the concrete. 

Not weeding out plants in-between the tiles or stones in your driveway can also cause unwanted cracks. Unless the driveway is supposed to have growth peeking through, it’s never a good look. 

Also, you might end up replacing some parts of the driveway or renovating it entirely sooner than expected.


Moss and algae can also warp and lift the tiles on driveways. In the monsoon, rainwater can seep into the underside of the tile. An unsuspecting person may step on it and have an accident. 


The driveways occupy a large area of the front yard of a house. It is one of the first things passersby would notice. Regrettably, an unkempt driveway can give off the wrong impression about a house’s residents. Make it a priority to clear dirt and litter from your driveway, even if regular cleaning is not possible.