Eco-friendly driveway cleaning

Eco-friendly driveway cleaning

25th September 2021

Eco-friendly driveway cleaning

25th September 2021

Are you bothered using harsh chemicals and their impact on the environment? Then this is what you need an eco-friendly driveway cleaning hacks. With so much awareness of the environment, you feel guilty using chemicals cleaners that heavily affect the environment. And yes, eco-friendly cleaners can give results equal to chemical cleaners according to our Manchester driveway cleaners.

Why go eco-friendly?

There is a whole movement on going green. The movement is urging people to make a conscious effort to make a better choice. Replacing essential products like cleaners can go a long way in impacting the environment.

Houses are connected to public sewers drainage, which is connected to the locality’s water system. Using harsh chemicals can directly affect your family and your community. Going eco-friendly will also go easy on your pocket. 

How do we go green with cleaning the driveway? Here are some suggestions.

Eco-friendly driveway cleaning

Avoid using harsh solutions

Replacing industrial and chemical cleaners from your home counters can be the start to go eco-friendly. There are several products in the market now which are green and have minimal impact on the environment. Quick research can give you a guide on what green products are available on the market. Use alternatives like those for cleaning the driveways.

Using biodegradable products 

In line with the suggestion mentioned above, make sure the products you use are biodegradable. The harsher products are not broken down in the environment naturally. Make certain biodegradable products are replacing chemical cleaners. 

Using homemade cleaning products can also be a great alternative. These kitchen hacks are biodegradable and are easy on the pocket too. They can easily remove stains without harming the surroundings around you. 

Pressure washer

One of the best alternatives to eco-friendly driveway cleaning is the pressure washer. For an effective green driveway cleaning, a pressure washer is a need. Pressure washers are completely easy on the environment.  They use from minor to no chemicals for cleaning. It can easily remove most dirt and stains just from the pressure of the water. 

There is also a misnomer that pressure washer uses more resources like the water. However, this is a false belief. It takes lesser water to clean the surface rather than the traditional driveway cleaning method. It takes lesser time to clean the surface as it covers a larger area while cleaning. 

Getting hold of a pressure washer will be more cost-effective than renting one and getting the cleaning solutions. 

Replacing cleaning solutions for pressure washer 

For tougher stains, the pressure washer needs cleaners. Simple homemade cleaning solutions for the washers can give good cleaning. A mixture of baking soda, vinegar, detergent and hot water can give you results the same as chemical cleaners. 

Replacing car wash soaps and products

Driveways are usually used to wash the cars. Runoff of soaps and other products from the car wash runs through the public sewer. Most of these products are not biodegradable and can affect the neighbourhood indirectly. 

It is advised to wash cars on a grass top to filter the runoff before reaching the drains. And to use biodegradable soaps.


Small changes in our daily habits can make a more significant impact on the environment. Make a choice to go green.