Expert Advice on Moss and Algae Removal

17th August 2018

Expert Advice on Moss and Algae Removal

17th August 2018

Moss and algae are the silent roof killers – the ninjas of external organisms. As soon as you realise this, the safer your roof will be! Yes, they may seem harmless, but they’re deceiving. In reality, moss and algae can be incredibly devastating to your roof and the overall structure.

Roof Cleaning Stockport services advise getting rid of these nuisances ASAP! How? By cleaning your roof regularly! Cleaning your roof as often as you can avoid the growth of these organisms, but you need to know how. That’s why we’re going to discuss how to remove moss and algae build-ups, so your roof doesn’t suffer!

Are They Dangerous?

As we just mentioned, algae and moss build-ups are incredibly detrimental to your roof. This is because it grows in between the shingles on your roof and can crack or cause further damage.

Algae and moss growth also can be harder to remove once left for longer periods of time. This is why it’s roof cleaning Stockport services suggests that you try and get your roof cleaned as often as possible.

How to Remove Moss and Algae

There are two effective ways to remove moss and other build-ups. One, remove the moss using scrapers and brushes. Two, have the roof power-washed. Both pose potential issues, for example, using a power washer isn’t the best option for every roof as it can damage and loosen the shingles.

If you have a traditional roof that has tiles and shingles, then the brushing and scraping method will benefit you the best as it won’t damage your roofing.

Preventing Moss Growth

Once you’ve removed the trace of all moss and algae, it’s sensible to then wash it with a preventative chemical that will stop the moss re-growing. You can use a sprayer tool to effectively cover your roof with the chemical, making this step easier for you.

Roof cleaning Stockport services advise on using a strong moss fungicide that is at least 50% concentration, rather than a standard version that is only 7%. This will ensure that the moss and algae don’t grow back quickly, meaning a happy roof and a happy you.

How Long Will It Take to Grow Back?

Once you’ve cleaned your roof and sprayed it with protective chemicals, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your roof! However, you may be wondering how long it takes before you have to do the whole process again?

Without the application of the preventative chemicals, moss can be expected to grow back around 6-12 months after the clean. However, it can take years for it to become built-up and horrific again. Cleaning your roof regularly will reduce the chances of this happening.

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