Expert hacks on conservatory cleaning

Expert hacks on conservatory cleaning

28th September 2021

Expert hacks on conservatory cleaning

28th September 2021

Having a conservatory as a welcoming comfortable nook at your home is such a pleasant treat. The natural light coming through the see-through glass be it any season is a luxury. To make the most of the amazing view that the conservatory has to offer, it has to be regularly cleaned. 

Here are some expert hacks on conservatory cleaning in Manchester.

Cleaning product and method

Cleaning your conservatory heavily depends on the product used for cleaning and the method employed. When you choose the right cleaning product and tools, it will ensure ease of work as well as good results. Get products that work effectively. 

Cleaning smart is important for efficient cleaning. Start cleaning from top to bottom, from the outside to the inside for optimum usage of time and effort. 

Expert hacks on conservatory cleaning

Cleaning the roof

Keeping your roof from moss, dirt, and debris requires regular checks and cleaning. Use a telescopic brush and a sturdy stable ladder to do the roof cleaning. Ordinary cleaning tools will not work for the stubborn moss on the roof. 

Cleaning the window and polishing it.

Conservatory windows need regular cleaning. Cleaning the window from the outside first can be a vantage point. It will show how much has been cleaned. Then work your way inside to clean the window. 

Avoid cleaning on a very sunny day as it causes streaks. Use the solution in warm water and not hot water. After cleaning the outside window, use a regular all-purpose car cleaner for polish. This will ensure that a waterproof barrier is created over the glass. 

Using self-cleaning glass

If you are someone who can’t spare much time for regular cleaning of the conservatory window, you can opt for self-cleaning glass. Self-cleaning glass has a transparent coating that reacts with UV rays. When it rains, it rinses the dirt off easily. 

Hosing it down 

After scrubbing and cleaning the outside of the conservatory roof and glasses, hose it down properly. A thorough hosing from top to bottom will ensure the best results. 

A Garden hose is best for this task. At any cost avoid using a pressure washer for hosing and removing dirt. Conservatories are not built for high-pressure water forces, and as such, they can cause damage to the conservatory. 


Keep clearing the gutter at least twice a year for regular functioning. Build up of dirt and weed can cause functionality problems.

Ventilated conservatory

While building your conservatory, ensure that there is good ventilation inside it. This will avoid the build-up of moulds and mildew inside the conservatory. 

Regular checking for repairs- added maintenance tip

Keeping your conservatory looking at the best of its shape requires regular checks and repairs. Inspect and check the roof regularly to avoid unnecessary leaks when it rains. 

Touch up on paintwork on the timber frames of the conservatory. Exposure to rain and heat makes it less durable, it needs regular tending. 

The locks and hinges need to be oiled at least once a year to avoid rusting or corroding. Make sure the lubricant doesn’t drip on the paint. 


Using the above-mentioned hacks will up your regular conservatory cleaning to another level and give better results.