Facts You Need to Know Before Cleaning Your Roof

15th August 2018

Facts You Need to Know Before Cleaning Your Roof

15th August 2018

Cleaning your roof can be a taxing job at the best of times, but when you’re not one hundred percent sure what you’re doing, it can just exacerbate the situation. That means that you need tips on how to clean your roof…

Don’t worry, Roof Cleaning Stockport services are going to let you in on their secrets! Here are four facts you need to know before you clean your roof.

Roof Algae Can Be Dangerous to Your Roof

Although algae can seem harmless, it can actually severely damage your roof. Due to the nature of roof algae, it can take a while to really show any trace of the organism. Once the algae has started to seep into the cracks and crevice’s of the shingles on your roof, it’s already damaging the structure.

Cleaning your roof regularly avoids this issue, as it keeps the growth of algae at bay. It’s true that once the algae has started to grow, or gets to an overwhelming state, it can be difficult to remove. Keeping on top of this task avoids this issue, making your life easier.

Your Roof Needs to Be Cleaned Regularly

Like mentioned above, just because you can’t see algae at first, doesn’t mean that it’s not there. Algae and other substances like moss can grow at alarming rates if not tamed regularly.

Other build-ups can also become a nuisance if not attended to, such as leaves left in the gutter and moss build-ups. These can also be easily avoided if cleaned regularly, so make sure you take time out once every six months or so to give your roof a thorough clean!

There are Different Methods of Cleaning Your Roof

Professional companies will typically use two different methods to clean your roof. Either by chemical cleaning or pressure-washing. Roof cleaning Stockport services are professionals at both of these methods.

Pressure-washing can be an easier way to clean your roof, but if you’re cleaning shingles, then maybe avoid using the pressure-washer as it can damage the roofing. However, if you have a metal or concrete roof then this method will be easier. Chemical cleaning is a soft cleaning method that uses chemicals to clean away debris without the use of a pressure-washer, which is better for a shingle-covered roof.

You Can Clean Your Roof Yourself!

If you don’t have the money to utilise a roof cleaning service, such as Roof Cleaning Stockport, then cleaning your own roof might be the best option for you. Although this can be a potentially dangerous task, if operated correctly it’ll be safe.

Make sure you have someone available to help you at all times, especially when holding the ladder for you. Although, If you’re new to roof cleaning, you could cause more damage than good to your roof, including knocking a shingle or two loose.

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If the thought of cleaning your roof makes you feel a bit uneasy, or you just need a professional, then look no further than Just Clean! Just Clean are a professional roof cleaning service who target those pesky spots to get your roof shiny and new!

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