Five things to avoid when cleaning your conservatory

21st October 2020

The conservatory adds value and beauty to the house. However, it comes with a price. A conservatory needs your utmost care and attention. We agree, not everyone’s skilled in maintaining these beautiful glass domes. And that is why professional conservatory cleaners from Manchester comes in handy. But if you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend money on a cleaning service, then you can even work it out on your own. To help you out, here are some things you can avoid to make sure your conservatory is always spick and span.

Avoid losing track of regular maintenance

As with anything materialistically, it is best to do minor check-ups on your conservatories. It can be: checking and clearing the gutters, drainage, and downpipes, oiling the hinges, handles, and locks of the door, cleaning the cresting and finials, cleaning the doorposts and windows, and applying lubrication to the lead flashing.

Avoid using the wrong equipment

Choose your cleaning equipment wisely to prolong and maintain your conservatory building. Avoid using any cleaners that are spirit-based or thinners. Please don’t use them even on stubborn stains, no matter how effective you think they will be. Employing such solutions will only damage more by attacking the plastic sections of your conservatory. Also, avoid using abrasive brushes, metallics, and cloth to clean- it will damage the plastics, glass units, and seals.

Avoid using pressure washers

It is excellent and efficient to use pressure washers for many outdoor areas but not the conservatory. The high pressure of these pressure washers can easily damage the coatings and seals of the building. It can also cause the ingress of water and air to enter into the structures of the conservatory. A garden hose is more than capable of cleaning for surface dirt, and elbow grease will do the job for stubborn grimes.

Avoid leaving the glass walls wet

Leaving the glass wet is also a reason for the formation of stains. And glasses are fragile and easy to get stained. Therefore, it is essential to do regular cleaning for the glass panels and roofs. The amount of cleaning depends on the position of your conservatory site. If the conservatory sits in an area where there’s a lot of sunshine coming in, water will evaporate more quickly and require occasional cleaning. But if it’s in a shadier spot, then your conservatory may be quick to get dirty as the dirt from water tends to stay longer on glasses.

Avoid clogging the gutters

Keep the gutters happy, and you will be one less of a problem. Remove the dirt and leaves from the drains and downpipes periodically as ignoring it will gradually cause an overflow, damaging your conservatory. Check the insides of the gutters to see if it is free-flowing with a sturdy ladder in tow. Don’t try to unhook dirt and debris from the drains as this can harm you and damage the gutters. Gutters are technically not made for carrying heavyweights, so ensure that you can see and reach the gutters properly while removing any blockages.