Five Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Driveway

Five Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Driveway

21st October 2020

Five Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Driveway

21st October 2020

There are a few apparent mishaps in driveway cleaning, which even an amateur knows to avoid. However, there are some practices or methods which most of us are not aware that we should avoid them. This absence of knowledge makes us error and cause more damage to our driveway. The damage comes with a loss of expenditure, resale value of the house reduced, time waste, and further damage to the house property. Therefore, to avoid forgetting what to avoid, here are some methods you must avoid when cleaning your driveway.

Avoid using a high-pressure washer for removing grease

Using a high-pressure washer against grease and oil stains will only make them more stubborn. The pressure of the water will push the stains deep into the porous surface or gaps. And this will make your work only harder. Instead of using force, removing grease stains is easy when gently covered by baking soda or detergent solutions.

Avoid making unnecessary purchases

Depending on the type of your driveway, money spent on the equipment and chemicals will vary. So, don’t purchase tools that won’t help your driveway cleaning work. For example, buying a yard rake when you have an asphalt driveway is of no use. There are also cases of purchasing appliances that may seem necessary for one type of driveway but is not useful for another kind. For example, buying a pressure washer for a brick driveway will damage the driveway more. In contrast, it is perfect for an asphalt driveway.

Avoid using harmful acids and chemicals

Maintaining your driveway and regularly cleaning it is vital. But it is equally essential to maintain the lawn nearby. Having only a clean driveway and a barren ground is not desirable for a house. Therefore, we must always choose to employ safe cleaning methods. Avoid the usage of compounds that can damage your yard and pollute the surrounding ground. And opt for biodegradable products.

Avoid using a high-pressure washer for these types of driveway

Avoid high-pressure washers when cleaning brick and gravel driveways. In the case of a brick driveway, a mud layer acts as the base for the bricks. So the sand gaps between the bricks are easily prone to damage if a high-pressure washer hits against them. Therefore avoid buying a pressure washer if you have a brick driveway. And regarding the gravel driveway, it is evident that pressure washers are of no use.

Avoid leaving the driveway unsealed

After washing the driveway, do not forget to seal it. It is easy to forget this small step, but it can cause long-term damages to the driveway. This condition is mostly for asphalt and concrete driveways. These driveways tend to crack and damage because of constant pressure, weather conditions, etc. Therefore, resealing these driveways become vital. The regular resealing process also provides durability to the driveway.

It is good to know what to avoid when cleaning the driveway. However, this is only a small list. There are probably many more rules which we can learn only from experience. Therefore, it is always best to leave this work to the professionals. They are more trained and even have all the equipment and chemicals at their disposal.