From leaks to insects, here are some essential cleaning tips for your Conservatory Roof

28th September 2021

Most Conservatory Roofs need a deep clean every so often to keep them in top shape. But what elements should you be looking to remove from it? What factors will lead to a Conservatory Roof needing a deep clean? And how can you clean them effectively? 

Read on as this guide will outline some essential conservatory cleaning tips for your conservatory roof. Including some clever tools that might help you out!

Safety Equipment

Before attempting to clean windows that are hard to reach, you should have equipment like a helmet and working gloves.

And there are some ways you can attempt to cleanse your conservatory roof. Among them is using a telescopic window cleaning pole while the other one consists of a ladder.

Specialist cleaners recommend utilizing a ladder, if there is a concrete wall to secure it on. Don’t attempt using it on glass surfaces, as they are delicate as well as the scenario may go awfully wrong. Always consider your security.

Most of the time, utilizing the telescopic post is the best choice because you get on the ground, and there are no elevations involved.

From leaks to insects, here are some essential cleaning tips for your Conservatory Roof

Keep these tools handy.

Here is a checklist of suggested tools required to clean up a conservatory roofing system. You can do it safely without damaging yourself or the materials.

  • Water bucket
  • A ladder
  • Extending pole.
  • Cleaning sponge or cloth.
  • Suitable cleaning solution for the structures.
  • Telescopic brush.
  • Hosepipe.

Remember to check before you proceed.

  • Check for leaks- You’ll want to check underneath the conservatory roof for any signs of dampness. There can be excessive moisture near the skylight or around the skirting board.

If you find signs of dampness, immediately make sure you avoid condensation. You can do this by sealing off any leaky joints with caulk or silicone sealant. 

  • Check for insects- Thoroughly inspect all windows for cracks in the glass or bug traps in the skylight area. Check all areas of your conservatory roof for any signs of punctures that could be home to creepy crawlies. Then seal any holes with insect tape before tackling in-depth cleaning with an anti-moth aerosol spray.
  • A simple way to clean- If you have a conservatory with a flat roof, you should invest in a power washer. This will simplify the cleaning process and ensure that your conservatory is thoroughly cleaned. You also avoid causing any damage to the materials used to build it.

You can use a power washer, although you may not want to damage the roof’s reflective coating. 

Instead, try removing some of the dirt from the top. Use an ordinary hosepipe and a small bucket or sledgehammer. A firm brush will also aid in the removal of grime that is resistant to removal by water alone.

The roof should next be cleaned with soap and warm water. Then, using a vacuum cleaner with strong suction, collect any remaining dust and dirt.