Guide To Achieving A Cleaner Roof

Guide To Achieving A Cleaner Roof

19th February 2021

Guide To Achieving A Cleaner Roof

19th February 2021

As much as we love to see green grass all year round, our roof is the last place we want it to flourish. Moss on the top is unsightly, patchy, develops in lumps, and eventually ruins the roof, so before it gets out of control, you need to pay attention to it.

A skilled company’s annual cleaning will help you keep a safe, problem-free roof, and they will be able to advise you on measures or treatments to be used during the year. See how our team of expert roof cleaners in Ormskirk can maintain and keep your roof clean.

Daily Inspections

Inspecting your roof for any possible damage, flaws, or build – up of debris and organic growth is key to a reliable maintenance plan for your roof. You should inspect your roof at right intervals to protect it from damages. 

It would help if you looked out for any cracks or rust spots, broken shingles, amounts of dirt, or moss and lichens’ growth.

Roof Cleaning

You should clean your roof by removing any debris and dirt that may have accumulated. You can use gloves to pick up materials that are within your reach. It would be best to take note of overhanging tree branches and cut them away from the roof. Remove moss, algae and moulds with a safe and mild cleaning product well-suited for your roof.

Clean Gutters

You should start your roof cleaning routine by cleaning the gutters. It is particularly true in situations where your gutters and downpipes look blocked. You should first clear away the leaves and drain before wholly washing your roof. Clearing your gutter is vital so that the water can flow away when you clean your top. 

Your roof would become a bit soggy without a clear gutter; it will overflow, leading to problems with gutter maintenance.

Remove & Prevent Moss Growth

Make a plan to get rid of any signs of moss growing or starting to grow. If it gets too large, the moss will begin to raise the tiles or shingles. Also, as water moisture build-up, your roof might leak or rot. 

Moss tends to spread in shaded roof areas; thus, be sure to inspect all sides and parts. Calling for an expert to do the cleaning will result in proper inspection of the regions. They also will have the necessary chemicals to get stop it from growing further. 

Professional Roof Cleaning Services

Maintaining your roof clean throughout the year does not depend on daily clean-ups alone. Your roof will remain clean for a more extended period if you clean it with the help of experts. Professionals have the necessary chemicals and equipment to deal with stains and dirt. 

There are many techniques professionals can use, most common being high-pressure washing and soft washing. They know best of which method to use for what type of stains and what type of roofing material. You can be sure that they will do their job up to your satisfaction. 


Roof cleaning is an essential part of preserving your home in good shape. Ensuring your roof is cleaned annually by a professional will significantly boost your house’s visual appeal and help prevent costly damage such as roof leaks from occurring. 

Routine inspections are crucial to ensure that possible problems are detected before it’s too late. Not only does this help avoid disasters, but it also allows homeowners the time to add any required costs into their budgets.

A good roof maintenance program will help maintain the roof’s longevity and keep critical problems to a minimum. Small steps taken at the right time will save you a ton of work and keep your expenses low.