Guide to cleaning your driveway

Guide to cleaning your driveway

14th September 2020

Guide to cleaning your driveway

14th September 2020

Your driveway establishes the tone and quality of your home. When people arrive, it’s the first thing they see. A driveway also ages and shows dirt faster than the other exterior areas of your home. So keeping it clean is the key to prolonging its life and maintaining your driveway’s overall look.

Thanks to the internet, you can now find hundreds of guides on how to clean your driveway with just a few clicks. However, it might be confusing to read everybody’s opinions, especially if you are new to this.

So we’ve created an effective guide to help you get a clean and shiny driveway. You can also hire a professional driveway cleaning company in Chorley.

Clear the debris

It might be an obvious point, but let’s start with clearing away the bigger stuff. Get rid of fallen twigs, branches, and leaves. You can sweep them away or use an air blower. It is ideal to trim trees or bushes near the driveway to effectively reduce debris quantity on your driveway in the future.

Treat stains

You know stains are the enemy of driveways. And if you park your car on the driveway, stains from liquids or oil known as antifreeze stains might be the next thing you notice. Rigorous scrubbing only leads to wearing off of the concrete over time, so you need to opt for other methods.

When you see an antifreeze stain, you can spot clean the particular area by putting sawdust or cat litter and letting it sit overnight. This will soak up the liquid, and you can just grab a dustpan the next day and sweep it away. For older stains, using a detergent and scrubbing them with a stiff brush will do the job.

Clean the mildew

It can be challenging to keep your driveway surface in its original color. They get darker over time as they go through different seasons. Mildews can be an issue for your driveway, especially when it is wet. Besides making it look old and dirty, mildews make your driveway slippery.

Using water and bleach is the best way to remove mildew from concrete driveways. Ensure that you are wearing gloves while using bleach, and keep it away from plants. Bleach will not only take care of the mildews but also brighten your driveway.

Make necessary repairs

You will notice cracks on the driveway over time. And after cleaning all the dirt, they might become more visible. Luckily, you can fix them easily by using caulk for small cracks and grout for larger ones. It is essential that you find and repair cracks to prevent more damage in the future.

Use some power

While you can effectively clean your driveway using water and some agents, it sometimes requires some Power to get that extra clean driveway. Using a power washer can help you remove dirt stuck in nooks and crannies. You can use a power wash cleaner in Chorley to remove stubborn dirt that doesn’t go away with just scrubbing.