Here is a list of dos and don’ts for conservatory cleaning

28th September 2021

Keeping your conservatory clean all throughout the year requires at least two rounds of cleaning. To keep that perfect view of the outside and to utilize the conservatory to the fullest requires a bit of an effort.

Painting your UPVC doors and windows is a smart alternative to manually cleaning them all the time. However, this is not a simple task to follow through. Here are some fundamental points you need to bear in mind before proceeding:

Why do you need to keep the conservatory clean?

Having a conservatory at your home is an addition to your living space or your home. A conservatory just lights up the space, with a beautiful view of the garden, and also adds value to the cost of the house.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts for conservatory cleaning

The value of the conservatory at your home can be reaped and utilised only if you have a clean conservatory. A clean conservatory will ensure an uninterrupted natural light into your home and a clear view of the outside. 

Here is a list of dos and don’ts that will help you while cleaning the conservatory and keep it in good condition all year long.

Dos of conservatory cleaning

  • Clean your conservatory regularly to avoid a pile-up of dirt and litter on the roof and windows.
  • Make sure you take time to clean the inside and outside of the conservatory glass windows and doors.
  • For the perfect cleaning, you need the right equipment. Get the required apt cleaning equipment when you begin cleaning your conservatory. 
  • Keep in mind to clean the gutter regularly to avoid blockage from dirt and debris and also overflowing. 
  • For best results of cleaning your conservatory, make plans to clean on an overcast day and not a sunny day. It will help avoid smears and smudges on the glasses while cleaning. 
  • There is a high risk of tree branches, twigs, and other water falling on the roof of the conservatory. Regularly clear the roof of the conservatory to avoid damage. 

Don’ts of conservatory cleaning

  • Don’t keep the conservatory unattended for long period. Clean it at regular intervals. 
  • While cleaning your glass avoid using harsh chemicals. Solutions that contain spirit or thinners can easily harm the plastic section of the conservatory. 
  • Do not use metallic or coarse cloths and pads for cleaning the conservatory. Usage of such items can cause scratches and can damage the glass, seals, and plastic materials holding up the conservatory. 
  • Using a pressure washer for cleaning your conservatory is highly discouraged. Although pressure washers work well for cleaning outdoor areas and removing light specks of dirt, they can damage the conservatory. Pressure washers work on high-pressure cleaning, which can easily damage the coatings and seals of the conservatory. Even if the stains are stubborn, avoid pressure washers and try other solutions. 
  • Do not climb up the roof of the conservatory while cleaning. The roof is not always secure and can cause serious risk to you as well as the conservatory. 
  • Do not be reckless while cleaning the conservatory. Cleaning the conservatory involves risky tasks like climbing the ladder to clean the roof and tall windows. Do not rush on the work of cleaning.

If need be, using the help of a professional cleaner can be a better option.