How many times should you clean your roof?

How many times should you clean your roof?

6th August 2020

How many times should you clean your roof?

6th August 2020

If you are searching for an answer to how often you should clean your roof, you must be aware of the importance of this chore. Cleaning your roof will keep your house looking beautiful and avoid costly repairing expenses. So now, let us get to the main issue.

When should you clean your roof?

The safest answer to this question is at least once a year. You should get professional help from professional roof cleaners in Warrington such as Just clean Property Care every year to keep your roof in top condition. However, the answer will change depending on several factors.

If you live in a place where it rains heavily for many months, you might want to call for help twice or thrice a year. After all, moisture and rain will create a favourable environment for algae and moss to thrive.

At the same time, a house surrounded by tall trees might need more cleaning than others because falling leaves and debris will build up rather quickly. For this issue, you can clean it yourself using a broom or leaf blower. Nonetheless, it is always best to let the professional roof cleaners handle it.

Now, if you have a newly installed or repaired roof, cleaning it once in two years will be enough. As long as the installation process or repair does an excellent job using the right materials, you can go for two years without professional cleaning.

How often do different roof materials require cleaning?

The frequency of cleaning your roof also depends on what material it is. For example, concrete tiles usually need tidying up once in two years. However, wooden tiles will require more frequent cleaning, around once a year.

Metal roofs are long-lasting and sturdy. You only have to clean it once in three years. Even rough bristles of brushes and strong chemical cleaning agents will not affect the durability of such roofs as compared to other materials.

Another type of roof material is asphalt shingles. They are slightly more fragile and delicate than concrete tiles. However, they do not require as much maintenance as the former roof material. If you are too rough while cleaning them, they will come loose or lose their gravel finish.

How to know when your roof needs cleaning

The bottom line for roof cleaning is to clean whenever you see signs that show it needs a scrub. These signs are usually visible. Piling up of leaves and debris on the roof is one obvious indication that you need to call for the roof cleaning professionals.

The growth of moss, algae stains, and streaking are also easily noticeable hints. You might even have to clean your roof more than once a year. However, keep in mind not to get too aggressive and clean it more than necessary.


At least one roof cleaning day is necessary for any house. A person should not see this task as something that increases maintenance expenses. Instead, keeping your roof clean and avoiding damages will help you save money. Professional Warrington roof cleaners like Just Clean Property Care will do an excellent job at competitive rates.