How to clean a conservatory the DIY way

How to clean a conservatory the DIY way

28th September 2021

How to clean a conservatory the DIY way

28th September 2021

Every homeowner will agree that maintaining the cleanliness of the conservatory in their homes is not that easy. They can be messy with dust, leaves, old furniture, cobwebs etc. 

Because they are usually placed in an open area, they can get dirty very quickly if not cleaned regularly. However, cleaning them every week or so is not always possible for many reasons such as time or money constraints. 

The best thing to do in such situations is to come up with a cleaning strategy, so with a bit of effort and these tips; you’ll have your conservatory looking as good as new in no time. Better yet, see what a professional conservatory cleaner in Manchester can do for you!

Tackle the job with confidence using a systematic approach

The type of conservatory you have will determine the steps you take. If Your conservatory is smaller and occupies only half the floor space of your home, you can easily remove grime and dirt with a vacuum.

But if it is a traditional open-plan design with high ceilings, you’ll need to do some more work.

If your conservatory is very dirty, try leaving the window open overnight to let in some fresh air to help dissipate odours. Use a wet cloth to wipe down window sills and skylights, and then seal them with a glass or plastic cover.

How to clean a conservatory the DIY way

Use the right products for the right kind of stain

If you have an older conservatory, it might have developed some staining over time. The best way to remove these stains is by using effective products.

For instance, you should never use chlorine bleach or ammonia to clean black stains because they will turn the stain green.

To remove greening and clean better, you could use something like Comet cleanser, which you can buy at a local store; it’s not expensive and is available in most areas.

Tackle the floor first

The floor is probably the biggest job. If it’s not wood, use a stiff-bristle broom to sweep it very thoroughly. Use a wet vacuum cleaner to get rid of any large debris, followed by a dry vacuum to pick up any fibres that are left behind.

Then tape off areas where you want to remove anything nasty, like paint stains or grease stains. For grease stains, use a dry-vacuum cleaner to suck it out, pour boiling water into a bucket and pour that over the stain to loosen it up and then use a damp cloth to clean up any remaining residue.

Tackle tough stains next

Tackling tough stains is a much easier project than you might think. And it’s much less scary than it seems. Here are some types of stains that you can clean with easy tips.

  • Blood: Use white vinegar and a toothbrush to remove the stain and then lightly sand with steel wool.
  • Burnt Food: Use some baking soda, but check on your food after a few hours to make sure it hasn’t dried out completely. Cleaning burned food from a hard surface might take a bit more effort, but a steam cleaner or a scrubber is a cheap solution.
  • Pet Urine: Pet-urine is one of the toughest stains to get out on its own because it dries almost immediately. Apply equal parts water and vinegar to the area with hydrogen peroxide(optional), let sit for 30 minutes, then rinse off with water. 
  • Spilt Wine: Like pet urine, spilt wine often dries quickly, so you’ll have to mix water and vinegar like before, then clean it with a wet sponge or cloth.

Take your time while cleaning your conservatory for best results

The best way to get the work done is to take your time and do it properly. It’s also essential to make sure you have all the right equipment.

Cleaning a conservatory may be a time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. And the time you spend cleaning your conservatory is worth it when you see the end result.


We all envy those with stunning conservatories. However, we rarely think about how much work goes into keeping them so spick and span.

Cleaning your conservatory by yourself is not hard, but you’ll need to know the right things to do. Knowing how to clean a conservatory will allow you to clear away all of the dust and dirt that’s accumulated in corners over the years.