How to Clean and Get Rid of Black Mould from your Conservatory

How to Clean and Get Rid of Black Mould from your Conservatory

11th July 2021

How to Clean and Get Rid of Black Mould from your Conservatory

11th July 2021

Having a conservatory at your home can be a pleasant experience in most cases. However, there can be times when some issue arises, which can ruin your experience. Mould is one of those problems that you never want to be an issue in your conservatory. But the reality is that many homeowners that have a conservatory tend to find themselves with this problem more often than you’d think. 

When there’s black mould growing inside your conservatory, it can seriously impact your conservatory’s look and feel. Sometimes, you may even start to feel like there’s no way out of it. However, that is not true. If you follow the proper steps, you can clean and even get rid of mould from your conservatory for good.

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What is Black Mould?

The best way to deal with black mould is to understand why it’s growing in the first place. So, what is black mould, and how does it grow? Black mould, also known as Stachybotrys chartarum, has a black or even green colour, which you can easily identify. It can also grow in most parts of your home and not just in your conservatory. 

Like just about every type of mould, black mould grows when there is an excess amount of moisture inside your conservatory. So to get rid of black mould, you will need to reduce the overall humidity inside your conservatory. 

Guide for Cleaning and Getting Rid of Black Mould

The best way to clean and get rid of Black Mould is using a cleaning spray. However, that is only a good solution for the short term. If you want to get rid of black mould from your conservatory in the long run, you will need to change its environmental factors.

The first step to prevent the growth of black mould is to make sure that there are no leaks inside your conservatory. Check if your gutter has any problems and if there are, get it fixed immediately. Also, make sure that the conservatory is properly sealed and no water is seeping inside. Water leaks make for a perfect condition for black mould to grow.

After making sure that there are no leaks whatsoever, the only way to completely eliminate black mould is by lowering humidity levels inside your conservatory. Lowering humidity basically means reducing the level of water in the air. Lower water levels in the air reduce the chance of dampness inside the room, which then prevents mould formation.

Here are some of the ways through which you can reduce humidity levels in your conservatory:

  • Decreasing the amount of moisture you put out by covering cooking pots and pans when you’re cooking.
  • Closing the doors to your bathroom and kitchen when taking a shower or cooking.
  • Improving your conservatory’s ventilation by installing an exhaust fan.
  • By opening the windows of your conservatory as often as you can to let out the moisture.
  • Letting in some sunlight to reduce humidity.
  • By regulating the temperature inside your conservatory with the help of conservatory roof insulation.