How to clean the conservatory yourself

How to clean the conservatory yourself

28th September 2021

How to clean the conservatory yourself

28th September 2021

The conservatory needs regular cleaning at least three to four times a year. Using professional cleaners can sometimes become heavy on your pocket if you are especially living on a tight budget. Can you clean the conservatory yourself? You will have to put a little extra effort into labour but you can clean the conservatory yourself.  

Here are some tips on cleaning the conservatory yourself just like the professional conservatory cleaners!

Getting your equipment organized 

Getting the right tools for cleaning the conservatory will save you time and effort. Before starting off with cleaning the conservatory you need to get your cleaning materials ready. Either you can get hold of professional cleaning equipment or get the cleaning solution available on the market. 

The tough stains will require more than just the solution, get the right cleaning cloth, sponge and wipers. Make sure you get buckets for water and solutions. 

A roof ladder is a necessity. Climbing the roof of the conservatory for cleaning is not an ideal option. If the seals of the roof are loose, it can be dangerous and can also damage the roof.  Getting a conservatory roof ladder will make the cleaning process easy and comfortable while trying to reach all corners. If buying one is expensive, they are also available on rentals.

Extendable cleaning brushes like that of telescopic cleaning brush will help to reach those high and hard areas on the roof. This will be a great cleaning help.

How to clean the conservatory yourself

Start cleaning from the outside

Now that you have your equipment, start off by clearing out the debris and dirt on the roof. If there are any tree branches and twigs on the roof, sweep them down. If there are algae formed on the roof, use the telescopic brush and removing solution to clean it. 

Clean the gutters. Dried leaves, debris, or moulds can easily clog the clutter. Do regular cleaning of the gutter. 

After the roof and gutter are done, you can start cleaning the windows outside. A conservatory clean is incomplete without a thorough clean of the window. Use the ladder and extendable brushes to reach the high and hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning the outside widow first will help see the spots you missed while cleaning from the inside. Use window cleaning solutions and wipers for the tough spots and best results. 

Cleaning from the inside

Cleaning the inside is as important as cleaning the outside. Moulds and pesky contaminants can easily be formed inside the conservatory. 

After you are done with the outside, you can start cleaning the inside of the conservatory. If you have plants and pieces of furniture near the window, remove them before cleaning. That will give you enough space to work freely. 

Clean the inside of the window panes with solution and wipers. Use a warm water solution to clean the frames of the window from the inside as well as the outside. 


Make sure your safety comes first while cleaning the conservatory yourself. It could be a little time consuming but do not haste, the results will be worth the labour and time.