How to Clean uPVC and Aluminium Conservatory Roofs

How to Clean uPVC and Aluminium Conservatory Roofs

28th September 2021

How to Clean uPVC and Aluminium Conservatory Roofs

28th September 2021

Many modern houses in the UK have a conservatory or porch which they can use all year round. It also provides a pleasing and comfortable environment in the summer months. But when winter comes and leaves start to fall, your conservatory can start to become a dirt magnet if you do not regularly clean your conservatory.

The leaves and other debris or dust which fall to the ground can then easily be blown into your conservatory by any strong breeze. This can lead to a build-up of dirt over time.

However, the problem is not just confined to the winter months. You could experience similar issues throughout the year if your conservatory roof becomes dirty due to poor maintenance.

Difference between a uPVC and an aluminium conservatory

For decades, uPVC has been a prevalent choice for conservatories. But there are many ways in which aluminium is a great alternative.

Aluminium conservatory roofs are significantly lighter than their uPVC counterparts. This will result in reduced structural loading on your walls and foundations. This allows you to increase the number of panels used. Furthermore, due to the lightweight nature of aluminium roofs, they are easy to install. It makes them ideal for older conservatories. 

There has also been a decrease in production costs and a spike in demand of uPVC. This has made uPVC conservatories easier to obtain.

However, the best type of conservatory roofing that will retain its visual appeal is aluminium conservatories. It even provides long term thermal and insulating benefits.

How to Clean uPVC and Aluminium Conservatory Roofs

Cleaning Techniques for aluminium conservatory

Aluminium conservatories can be more expensive than a uPVC conservatory, but they have several benefits. A few of these include having an air-tight seal on the conservatory, as well as being able to insulate them from the outside environment.

Even though aluminium is a highly durable material, any kind of build-up can reduce its lifespan. The more you clean the conservatory, the longer it may last. If you need to clean your conservatory with a pressure washer, you must apply the right level to avoid damaging it.

Moreover, a popular method of cleaning is to use a mild solution of washing up liquid in water, then rinse off any residue. 

When using this method, you should not let too much detergent remain on the surface. This may cause problems when drying out later on in the process.

Cleaning Techniques for uPVC conservatory

If you’re looking to clean your uPVC conservatory roof, then consider the following steps:

Step 1. Remove any loose bits of debris or leaves that have fallen onto the roof space with a vacuum cleaner before raking them out.

Step 2. Now you can remove any large pieces of debris with a stiff-bristle garden brush. Pay particular attention to areas around doorways and windows where leaves and dust are commonly blown in.

Step 3. Wipe off all visible dirt with a damp cloth. Also ensure you don’t leave any spots for algae to grow in and around the conservatory. If required, use a mild detergent or anti-mould spray to thoroughly clean it.