How To Clean Your Conservatory

How To Clean Your Conservatory

18th June 2021

How To Clean Your Conservatory

??th June 2021

Just like any other part of your home, your conservatory deserves equal attention and maintenance. You need to take care of this valuable possession, so it always remains neat and smooth. The roof and glasses of the conservatory tend to get dirty compared to its other parts. We will be discussing ways to clean your conservatory today.

The Roof Work

To keep the roof of your conservatory clean, you require a cleaning product. You will require a ladder to clean the roof. The roof isn’t a place for you to stand and clean it, especially when it is made out of glass. You will need a long tool for reaching the roof. We recommend you use a telescoping handle, along with soap, for applying the soap water. Another alternative would be using a water-fed pole.

You will also come across allergies like mildew and mold that are quite stubborn to come out. We recommend you buy strong cleaning agents to get rid of these residues. You can spray these residues after you loosen them. It is best to use warm soapy water for the cleaning process. To keep your conservatory fresh, we recommend you to use products like algaecide and a solution of bleach water.


You need to create a workstation by securing the area and getting your materials ready. Make sure to place your ladder on a solid base. It would be smart to get a spotter to hold the ladder and pass the equipment. Avoid rushing the cleaning process at all times. After you apply the soapy water, give it some time to penetrate. After that, you can proceed to start scrubbing until all the residues go away. You need to avoid using any materials that could damage the glass.

After you clean the roof, ensure that you rinse and wipe it fully to prevent streaking. You can use the telescope tools that come with squeegee attachments to assist you in the process. Make sure that you didn’t miss any spot and proceed to clean your windows. The framework of your conservatory is just as important when it comes to cleaning. You need to clean at least twice a year. Also, you can use a special type of cleaner for cleaning the UPVC.

And when it comes to wood, you can start brushing it down and wiping it using warm water. After that, you can use essentials like oils for treating it. It is also crucial to clean the gutters of your conservatory. Your gutter can collect debris, animal droppings, insects, algae growth, and moss. It will lead to leaking and limited drainage, causing clogging in your gutter. We encourage you to clean your gutter every 3-4 months. You should also make sure to use proper gloves for cleaning the gutter.

The Inside Work

The interior conservatory cleaning is equally important. Your windows shouldn’t have any smudges and streaks. For cleaning your windows, you can easily use the regular cleaning product and some paper towels. An alternative to that would be using old newspapers and vinegar. It is also important for you to always dust your furniture, mop the floor daily, and vacuum as required. It is your sole responsibility to keep your conservatory spic and span.