How to clean your roof like a professional

How to clean your roof like a professional

6th August 2020

How to clean your roof like a professional

6th August 2020

Ignoring the fact that roofs need regular cleaning is a prevalent mistake that many homeowners make. Perhaps some people disregard it because they do not know how important this task is. Another possibility is that they deliberately refuse to clean it because they do not know how to go about the chore.

In this blog, we will outline how you can clean your roof like a professional. If you require assistance you can always contact a professional roof cleaning Warrington company such as Just Clean Property Care.

But before getting into the steps, it will help to know why you should always keep your roofs clean. Repairing of damaged roofs can burn a hole in a person’s pockets. And since it is a part of a house with a significant role to play, it is best to choose damage control and keep it in good condition as much as possible.

The right way to clean your roof

The method you should use to keep your roof spick and span will depend on what you are planning to clean. Here are some ways to clean your roof:

Getting rid of leaves and similar debris

Leaves and twigs will fall on your roof, whether you want it to or not, if you have any trees near your home. Lucky for you, it is not difficult to get rid of these. All you need to do is get a ladder, climb up to the roof, and sweep or blow them away. You can use a brush or a broom for this task.

Make sure you are not too aggressive while using a brush or broom. It will not be good for your roof if you brush off the granules in roof cleaning.

Getting rid of moss

Moss is slightly more challenging to remove than fallen leaves. For minor moss issues, you can use a brush with soft bristles and scrub them away. You might need more pressure if the situation is more serious than small patches of moss. In extreme cases, using chemicals will help you eliminate the moss as well as prevent its regrowth.

Getting rid of algae and stains

Algae on a roof need extreme measures to get rid of them. The first thing you need to do is soak your roof with a cleaning agent or chemical. After this, you can wipe or gently brush it off. Another option for concrete roofs is using a pressure washer.

One thing to be wary about while up on the roof is of loose tiles and moving shingles. Be careful not to step on such things so that you will not slip and hurt yourself. Due to safety reasons, you can go for a leaf blower and blow the leaves and debris away without getting up on the roof.


Although you can clean your roof on your own, it is always best to call for professional help. There are roof cleaning services in Warrington such as Just Clean Property Care that you can rely on without any worries. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to get hurt or injured in the process of cleaning. Please leave it to the experts and stay safe.