How to Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

3rd August 2018

How to Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

Once you become a homeowner, you start to understand the importance of preserving and protecting your home and its roof, especially if you’ve had roof cleaning Chorley clean your roof. Protecting the value of your home and safeguarding yourself from unnecessary home expenses and repairs is something that we never consider until we actually have a home of our own.

Your house’s roof is the first layer of protection against the outside elements and can often compromise your entire home’s stability if damaged or poorly kept. Below we’ve outlined some ways you can extend your roof’s lifespan, protecting the value of your home.

Catch Problems Early with Regular Roof Inspections

Perhaps one of the easiest but also costliest mistakes to make, not having regular roof inspections is one of the easiest ways to stay up to date with the state of your roof. Having regular roof inspections allows for you to catch any kind of problem early, helping reduce extensive damage over time and cutting down on repair costs.

Some people wonder how regular their roof inspections need to be, and roof cleaning Chorley typically recommends yearly inspections.

Ensure Proper Airflow and Insulation

Rather than fixing a destroyed roof, isn’t it better to have already prevented the problem? If you’re going to be having yearly roof inspections, you’ll want to also invest in some proper insulation for your roof while also making sure there’s adequate airflow underneath your roof. A minimal investment early on will protect your roof and keep you from having to fork over a much more substantial sum down the line for roof repairs.

During your roof cleaning Chorley yearly inspections, be sure to have them take a look at your insulation and the airflow levels in your attic or underneath your roof. Having proper airflow and insulating your roof will also reduce your energy bills, helping keep home expenses down over time.

Avoid DIY for Roof Work

While it’s tempting to try and clean and repair your roof yourself, roof cleaning Chorley always advise against it. This is because of the dangers and intricacies present in roof repair and cleaning. Roof cleaning requires a specific set of ladders and equipment that is specially created and dedicated to roof cleaning. Always at least consult a specialist service like roof cleaning Chorley before attempting any DIY roof repair or cleaning work.

Deal with Snow Build-up Quickly

Snow build-up is highly neglected despite it being a huge hazard to every roof’s longevity. Snow allows for water to seep into your roof before refreezing and expanding, causing your roof to crack apart and slowly break down. Along with this, the trapped moisture only causes a faster degradation of your roof tiles or shingles, increasing the chances of your roof collapsing.

Call Just Clean Property Care for Roof Cleaning Chorley

These simple tips will help ensure your roof is kept in excellent condition and ultimately protecting your home from the weather. Investing some time and care into your roof helps to reduce further costs down the road, and helps avoid the headaches of roof maintenance.

If you need any kind of roof cleaning or inspection service be sure to call Just Clean at 01257 543 021.