How to Manage Your UPVC Doors

How to Manage Your UPVC Doors

27th September 2021

How to Manage Your UPVC Doors 

27th September 2021

UPVCs are generally very easy to maintain. They are excellent materials specifically designed to add value to your house with low maintenance and long shelf life. They are cost-effective and more durable than timber or aluminium, which is why they are popular among builders and architects today.  

The process of maintaining UPVC doors is almost similar to that of the windows. You do not need to stress about it too much. 

It would help if you practiced these elementary procedures regularly to keep your UPVC doors in good shape and pleasant to look at.  

You can follow the guidelines on how to clean your UPVC doors effectively, or seek the help of a professional UPVC cleaner in Manchester

What to use 

  • Soft- bristle toothbrush 
  • A bucket of lukewarm water diluted in a mild foaming solution 
  • At least two soft fibre cloth 
  • Pure water for rinsing 

 What to avoid 

  • Steel wool or scrubbing pads 
  • Glass cleaner 
  • Bleaching powders  
  • Cream cleaners can be highly abrasive 
  • alcohol, acid and ammonia-based agents 
How to Manage Your UPVC Doors

How to go about with the cleaning? 

Before you do anything else:

  1. Make sure you start with your UPVC door frames. 
  2. Use your soft brush to clean off dust and debris accumulating onto your frames. 
  3. Do not attempt to scrub.  

Use your soft fiber cloth to wipe off any excess dirt on the frames by soaking it into your ready-to-use lukewarm water. Make sure you stick to one pattern when wiping. Make three to four folds to your cloth and use the cleaner side of the fold with each wipe. This will prevent the dirt from getting into the already clean areas.  

Once you are convinced that all the dirt has been wiped off, use pure, clean water and a fresh cloth for the final segment. Give your door frame a final wiping. This time do not use any cleaning solution.  

If you are feeling ambitious, get a dry cloth and carefully wipe your door dry. This will prevent dust water residue from getting dehydrated on your door frames.  

Some UPVC doors can have a glass upper body. If your doors are one among those, clean your frames first, then focus on your glass. Use a glass cleaning solution to give your door glass a good sparkle.  

Remember not to make the mistake of spraying your glass cleaner onto your door frames. This will cause discoloration, which can end up looking very dull. The damage can be permanent, and the repairing will cost you much. 

Since your door handles are the highest touch point areas, clean them as often as you can with any antibacterial agent.  


You have already made the wise choice of installing UPVC doors. Do not fret about the cleaning part. By now, it is pretty clear you understand that cleaning your doors is not a challenging task. Just follow the simple guidelines.  

Remember what to use and what not to use. If you have been cleaning your doors differently but not getting any desired result, give this article a shot.