How to Manage Your UPVC Windows

How to Manage Your UPVC Windows

27th September 2021

How to Manage Your UPVC Windows 

27th September 2021

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or, in short, UPVC is a popular choice for many houses irrespective of their style because it is cost-effective and can be easily shaped.

They require low maintenance compared to wooden frames and have an impressive shelf life.  

A good clean-up can make your UPVC windows look brand new and add value to your house. It would be best if you gave them the makeovers every three months.  

Here are three easy tips you can follow to keep your windows in good shape with UPVC Cleaning in Manchester.  

Begin by cleaning the interior 

Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the interior part of your UPVC window frames. Use a soft brush to clean dust hiding in the corners of the frame. For this purpose, use lukewarm water with a mild cleaning foam.  

As for the exterior part of your window, use a garden hose to remove debris and loose dirt. Spray your foaming liquid onto your windows, leave it on for five minutes and then rinse by using a glass wiper.  

Do not use steel wool or scrubbing pad for this purpose.  

You can also add cleaning spray or apple cider vinegar in the final step to give your windows the desired sparkle. Many times, cleaners also use old newspapers. They work excellently in giving window glasses a crystal shine. 

How to Manage Your UPVC Windows

Manage your window frame and window sills 

Your window sills and frames are the delicate part of your UPVC windows. It is essential to know the cleaning techniques so that you do not cause damage.  

Continue to use your lukewarm water to treat dust and debris settling onto your window sills and frames. Use a sponge for the frames. It is more effective and safer. The structures tend to get yellow with time; if that is the same case with your windows, try the magic of vinegar.  

As for your window sills, use a soft toothbrush to remove debris. Algae or moss can quickly damage your window sills. To avoid this issue, invest in a good UPVC cleaning agent that can act as an inhibitor of algae production.

What to avoid 

Do not attempt to spray glass cleaners on your window frames. This will cause nasty staining. Avoid using all kinds of bleaching powders, spirits or other cleaning agents which have ammonia.  

Bleaching powders are notorious for causing brown discoloration of window frames. Any chemical reaction will only leave your UPVC windows looking dull. Thus, using these products can cause permanent damage to your UPVC surfaces.  


To summarise, UPVC windows do not require much maintenance work. They are budget-friendly and rigid. You don’t have to worry about your windows rotting. 

UPVCs are also resistant to pollution and retardant to flames. You can use simple cleaning methods like occasional wiping.  

They are known to be more durable than wooden windows and do not lose their shape.  

They help save energy and are more environmentally friendly than regular aluminium windows. If you have already installed UPVC windows, then kudos to you.