How To Do Manual Driveway Cleaning

How To Do Manual Driveway Cleaning

12th July 2021

How To Do Manual Driveway Cleaning

12th July 2021

Cleaning a driveway on your own can be a challenging yet rewarding task. Most people use a hosepipe and an outdoor broom to scrape away debris and litter. It’s not the most effective method to properly clean a driveway, but it does the job. This type of cleaning can be enough if you are just providing maintenance after a recent pressure wash. 

However, suppose you haven’t cleaned your driveway for some time. A few months have passed since the last intense wash-down. You may be battling with a little more than just dirt and dead leaves. Worst of all, you haven’t got a power washer in your arsenal! The best choice is always to get in touch with a professional Manchester driveway cleaning company. At Just Clean Property Care, we’re always just one phone call away from cleaning your driveway!

Here’s how you clean a driveway, without a power washer, with just some brushes and elbow grease.

You Will Need

Let’s list out some essentials that we will need for cleaning:

  • A hosepipe and a high-pressure nozzle.
  • Buckets.
  • Washing Soda.
  • Outdoor broom or push broom. Find one with a long handle and sturdy bristles. If you are not able to find one, scrubbing brushes will do. But they require a lot more effort and time. They may also take a toll on your back and knees.
  • Detergent for stains.
  • Degreaser for oil/grease spots.
  • Sawdust/ cat litter for grease/oil spots.
  • Cloth/ towel for oil/grease spots.

Before you begin cleaning, clear the driveway of any physical objects. Put your car in the garage; put away things like toys and trash. And remove anything that cannot get wet or will hinder your cleaning.

Cleaning the Spots

It is always good to clean any stain or spots before introducing water to the entire area.

  1. For washing away stains, add warm water and the detergent to a bucket. Grab the brush/broom, and dip it into the detergent. Then proceed to brush the area; once the stain has been removed, hose it down.
  2. A proactive method for removing oil/grease spots is to dust on cat litter or sawdust onto the area when the spill is fresh. Follow with the cloth/towel to absorb as much oil/grease as possible.
  3. If some time has passed, our only hope would be the degreaser. Apply it and let it sit as per the instructions on the package. Hose the area down after the time is up.

Cleaning Your Driveway

Now we move to the driveway after removing all the stains and spots. It may take some time and effort.

  1. Before getting the driveway wet, remove any dirt or debris with the push broom/outdoor room. 
  2. Mix the washing soda in a bucket with warm water. The soda to water ratio would be 2.5 ounces (70grams) of soda to 1-gallon water. 
  3. After dipping the brushes, start scrubbing away. It is a good idea to work the scrubbing in one direction—either top to bottom or bottom to top. 
  4. After you finish scrubbing, hose the driveway down.


Using brushes alone to clean your driveway takes a lot of dedication and patience. Pick out a good day to carry out this activity. And grab a friend to help out. However physically demanding manual washing may be, it’s a bang for your buck.