How to plan out a conservatory cleaning process

How to plan out a conservatory cleaning process

28th September 2021

How to plan out a conservatory cleaning process

28th September 2021

When planning the cleaning process, the first thing to recognise is that no two conservatories are ever built precisely the same. This can be seen in the size, shape, material, and accessories used during the construction. 

You will also have to take into account how dirty it is, what is inside the conservatory, the principles of layout you are working to, and how tight a budget you have.

Remember to plan for maintenance to make sure you don’t mindlessly let your conservatory get dirty.

Determine how much cleaning your conservatory needs

Before you start, it’s essential to determine how much conservatory cleaning you need to do. Is it just dirty and full of dust? Or is it really nasty, with rotting wood and mould? 

Once you know the severity of the job, you can figure out how much it will cost to get your conservatory cleaned or if you can do it alone.

How to plan out a conservatory cleaning process

Figure out where you want to start cleaning in your conservatory

To have a clean and organised conservatory, you need to decide where to begin cleaning from. Whether you have a conservatory attached to your house or a separate building, you will need to decide which area of the room will be the most important for you to maintain.

When you’re planning out your conservatory cleaning, it’s good, to begin with, the core of the process. This will be the starting point for all of your cleaning tasks.

For example, if you want to start with the furniture, that gives you everything you need for moving and placing things in specific areas. Then you can create steps that involve taking things apart or putting them back together. Then it’s easy to move on to another task like rinsing off stains, wiping down surfaces or composting any waste during the cleaning process.

It’s essential to be organised when planning out your conservatory cleaning so that you know where to start and how much work needs to be done at any given moment.

Work out what you need.

You can work out how much time and money you need to spend beforehand and decide what tools and how many people you’ll need to complete the job. 

You could also decide to hire a professional to do the work, but it’s important to be able to do most of the tasks yourself, or at least with minimal help so that you could save money.

Many products on the market are made for conservatory cleaning, making it easier for you to be prepared.


Whether you already have a DIY conservatory cleaning kit or not, you should make sure you plan and schedule your cleaning and maintenance well. 

Planning and scheduling will allow you to: conserve time and energy; make sure that no step is neglected; complete the job faster; also ensure that all surfaces are what you expect them to be. 

These things don’t just clean themselves, right?