How to Remove Moss and Fungus from Your Roof

9th December 2021

Roof growths such as moss and fungi are frequent. Because these growths like moisture, there is frequently more fungus and moss on roofs in locations with low humidity. Roofs with moss and fungal development appear neglected, lowering the value and curb appeal of your property. The moss and fungal development show on the roof as black streaks and can spread swiftly. Although moss and fungus do not affect asphalt singled roofs, most people remove them because they are ugly. Roof cleaning in Wigan is a risky activity that should only be done by professionals. Although most moss and fungus may be removed by washing a roof, they generally reappear within a few months.

Using Power Washing Method

Some homeowners clean their roofs using a power washer. Power cleaning asphalt shingles can harm them and create leaks, according to some experts. A power washing once a year will not harm an asphalt shingled roof if done carefully. The issue is that many homeowners who want to power wash their homes do it incorrectly, allowing water to seep beneath the shingles and into the house. Furthermore, unless the power washer is targeted downward, the force of the water might cause the shingles to crack or loosen. Power washing your roof should not damage it if you hold it down and keep it at least six inches away from the shingles’ surface. Power cleaning asphalt shingles more than once a year, on the other hand, might damage or decrease their life.

How to Remove Moss and Fungus from Your Roof

Benefits of Power Washing 

If you work in real estate, power washing may also boost the value of your home. A house with a soiled roof will be difficult to sell. Power cleaning your roof, believe it or not, may help you save money on your energy costs. If your roof is spotless, it will reflect the sun appropriately, saving you money on electricity to heat or cool your home.

Power Washing by Homeowners

The best choice for safely cleaning your roof is to use a roof cleaning solution and a garden hose. There are several treatments on the market that are designed particularly to remove algae stains off roofs. When using these goods, follow the recommendations carefully. When cleaning your roof, be sure that all safety precautions are taken. Many residents have been sent to the emergency room after collapsing while cleaning their roofs. Similarly, while power washing is a wonderful alternative for cleaning your roof, do not use the equipment alone if you do not know how to operate it. That’s why the best way to hire a professional for the best roof cleaning service in Wigan

Need Professionals for Power Washing

If you hire expert roof cleaners in the UK, this may be more of a benefit than a problem. Because power washers have varying pressure settings, you risk damaging your roof instead of cleaning it. Not only will a professional roof cleaner regulate the power wash, but they will also clean your roof more effectively than you.