How to remove moss from a driveway

How to remove moss from a driveway

14th September 2020

How to remove moss from a driveway

14th September 2020

Having moss growing on your patios or driveway can be a slipping hazard and visually unappealing too. Unless you are going for an old-world, rustic look, you will want to get rid of the moss growing on your walkway.

There are both natural and artificial ways of removing moss from driveways in Manchester. Here are some tricks you can consider using to keep your driveway moss-free and looking beautiful.


Exposing your driveway or patio to sunlight would be the least expensive and a natural way to prevent growth or get rid of moss. Move your cars away, prune the shrubs and trees nearby, and let sunlight directly on the driveway. As moss does not grow in dry areas, this may be the solution you’ve been missing.


A popular way to kill moss and get rid of weeds naturally is the use of vinegar. You might need to treat the driveway multiple times with vinegar to get the desired results. In some cases, it might not be strong enough to get rid of all the moss. However, it is a better option to try out before going for the chemicals.

Check irrigation and repair leaks

If you have a broken pipe, faulty sprinkler heads, or a leaky faucet, you will have to keep dealing with the moss issue. Repair the leaks so that there is a controlled level of moisture on your driveways.

Boiling water

Another natural option to eliminate moss or weeds growing through the cracks is by pouring boiling water on it. This is an effective option and won’t damage the other plants you may have nearby.

Baking soda

If you want to make all effort on using only natural options for removing moss from your driveway, try baking soda. The effectiveness of this solution depends on the seriousness of the moss issue.

Sprinkle the baking soda generously all over the moss and let it stay overnight. You can pick a deck brush or a stiff broom to scrub away the moss.

Power washing

Using a power washer might help remove moss from your driveway. However, it may not be as effective as the other options to solve your moss issue, plus there will be a lot of water wastage. If you opt for this method, you might have to replace the joint sand as it will probably wash off during the process. You can clean and seal your driveway for efficient moss removal.


If you are not satisfied with the natural options, you can move to stronger solutions such as using bleach. Ensure that there are no pets or kids around during and after the bleach treatment on your driveway. While using the bleach or rinsing it off, take good care that it doesn’t touch the desirable plants or run off to an unwanted area.

There are also moss killers available that you can use if nothing else seem to kill the problem.

Bottom line

It is normal for moss to grow on the driveway. However, letting it get too far can make your driveway look uncared-for and untidy. Moist and damp conditions are the best places for the growth of moss. So, avoid flooding the area and wash your driveway with the best driveway cleaners in Manchester when there is sufficient sunlight so that the water dries out before there is even a chance of moss growth.