How to remove stains from the driveway

How to remove stains from the driveway

25th September 2021

How to remove stains from the driveway

25th September 2021

A significant amount of time while cleaning the driveway is spent on removing stains and spots. If the stains are treated early on, they are easier to remove, requiring less effort and time. The longer you leave the stain untreated, the longer you spend your time scrubbing on your elbow. Some stains are easy to remove, and some stains are stubborn. When it comes to getting the best results from cleaning stains from your driveway, you should see how Just Clean’s expert driveway cleaners in Manchester can help you.

Types of stains

There are different types of stains that the driveway can be exposed to easily. Common stains are auto-related spills and leaks, tire marks, paints, rust decomposed stains from leaves. These stains do not go off by just general washing and thus need spot treatment to get rid of stains. 

Here are some suggestions on how to get rid of those stains ruining the perfect driveway appeal. Note that the type of driveway will also determine the solution of removing the stains.

How to remove stains from the driveway

Auto leaks and spills

One of the most common spills is motor oils, brakes fluids or petroleum leaks on the driveway. These leaks deteriorate the surface of the driveway. Since they are easily visible, it becomes bothersome, be it concrete or asphalt surface. 

To remove auto-related stains, it is best when treated while it is still fresh. Using clay kitty litter or other absorbent products can be used to soak up the oil spills. Keep it for a few hours so that it can soak up maximum spills. Use a homemade cleaner mixture of baking soda, vinegar and detergent to scrub and clean the stain. 

Removing tire marks

On an asphalt surface, tire marks are not visible, but tire marks are evident on concrete surfaces. Getting rid of tires can be done quickly by following these steps. On the stained area, soak it with a degreasing agent or another cleaning agent for at least ten minutes to dissolve. Scrub with a rigid brush before the solution gets fried out. Rinse off well after the scrub. Repeat the process if the stain is still visible. 

Removing stains from organic decay

Driveways can accumulate leaves and mulch over time. Keeping it unattended for long can cause it to decay and leave unwanted brown stains on the concrete surface. Although this stain is not permanent and does go away over time, you can get rid of it faster.  

After removing the decay from the surface, apply a powdered detergent on the stained or tanned spot. Spray some water to get the detergent working on the site. You can also use liquid detergent for the same. Give a good brush after some time soaking. Rinse it off with a garden hose. 

Removing rust stains

Rust stains are removed by using lemon juice solution or by using acid. Pour lemon juice on the rust stain, leave it for few minutes and brush it off with a sturdy scrub. Finish off by rinsing. 

Mix 1/4 acid in a two-cup water solution, spray on the rust spots and brush it off with a scrub. Make sure you direct the water to drainage while rinsing, as the acid can kill vegetation. 

These easy and quick measures can help you get rid of stains from your driveway.