How to Safely Clean Your Roof

8th August 2018

How to Safely Clean Your Roof

8th August 2018

Noticing that your roof is getting somewhat unsightly might put a spanner in your to-do-list, especially if you’re worried about safety while scaling your house. Not only is it horrible to look at, but dirt and debris can be worse than they seem, as they can trap moisture and cause rotting to your roof.

Roof cleaning Stockport services can give you four top tips on how to clean your roof safely and confidently, giving you no excuses to leave it any longer.

Take the Conditions into Account

Choosing the right day to clean your roof is one of the most critical steps, as a wet and dreary day or an icy and cold day could be dangerous conditions to try and work in. The perfect conditions are a nice, sunny and clear day that isn’t too cold or wet.

Make sure you start your job early in the day, at least in the early morning, so you know you won’t be working into the night. Working before it gets dark is something to keep in mind, mainly because working into the night can be dangerous due to a lack of visibility.

Ask a Friend to Help

Roof cleaning Stockport services suggest asking a friend to help you clean your roof. Asking for help will be a great deal safer, as you can have someone to hold your ladder or even to point out bits you missed.

Getting a friend to help also means that you have two people to do the job and as we both know, two minds are better than one!

Keep an Eye On Ladder Positioning

Another essential tip to keep in mind while cleaning your roof is to pay close attention to the positioning of your ladder. Place your ladder on stable, flat ground before climbing, as it may not be entirely safe to climb.

If you’re unsure if your ladder is unsafe, then you really shouldn’t climb it. This is where having a friend to help keep the ladder steady comes in handy. Don’t try to clean the roof beyond a safe reach and make sure to reposition the ladder each time.

Take Your Time

Last, but not at all least, make sure you take your time when cleaning your roof. Prioritising this one task for whichever day you decide to do it on is important, as you can’t be worrying about other tasks while performing this one.

Roof cleaning Stockport services advise that to stay safe during the process, you need to be completely undistracted. Allocating one full day to this task is the best way to go about it and make sure that you take your time performing the roof clean. Taking your time is important to any task around the house, but this one especially.

Call Just Clean for Roof Cleaning Stockport Services

Have you been noticing moss or stains on your roof? Are you concerned about the safety of cleaning the roof yourself? Sometimes cleaning the roof yourself isn’t an option, due to a number of reasons.

Whatever your reason, be sure to call Just Clean for roof cleaning Stockport services to book a roof cleaning appointment today. Or, if you need advice or questions answered, be sure to give Just Clean a call on 0161 327 2085.