How To Upkeep Your Driveway In Between Pressure Washes

3rd July 2019

Our Driveway Cleaning Warrington team advise all of our customers to invest in regular pressure wash cleaning throughout the year. The different seasons may present their own challenges for your driveway and its maintenance. Investing time and money into a professional service is important, however, maintaining the condition between service washes is something that should be considered. Below, our Driveway Cleaning Warrington team have listed some of the ways that you can keep your driveway looking freshly washed.

Sweep and general tidy

Our Driveway Cleaning Warrington team advise all of our customers to invest time in sweeping and keeping their driveway clear of debris and dirt, like leaves and moss. If left unchecked, leaves and natural debris can decompose and allow moss and weeds to thrive. This moist environment from the decomposing leaves can encourage contagens to thrive in the cracks in your pavement and eventually cause damage to your investment.

When regularly sweeping your driveway, you can use this time to inspect the condition of the surface. This will give you the opportunity to spot any chipping, cracking or sinking in the driveway, allowing you to take action before the problem escalates.

Tackle spills before they become deep-set stains

Spills are a normal part of daily life and your driveway can see a multitude of them in its lifetime. Unfortunately, the types of spills that your driveway encounters tend to be oil based. Motor oil or paints can cause deep set staining that can be difficult to remove. If you have invested in a regular pressure washing service and spill something on your driveway in the meantime, there are ways to combat the spill quickly and effectively.

Firstly, ensure that you have an absorbent substance on hand at all times. Sawdust or cat litter work well as they are readily available and highly absorbent As soon as you notice the spill, cover it in the absorbent material and leave to sit for between 12-24 hours. Our Driveway Cleaning Warrington team advise that you do this for all oil stains and it can help to prevent deep set staining that may ruin your driveway.

Prior preparation

Our Driveway Cleaning Warrington team advise that if you are carrying out any oil changes or mechanical work in your driveway to lay down a protective cover. We also suggest that our customers invest in the right kind of tools for your driveway upkeep, such as a heavy duty, stiff bristle brush. Our team also advise that our clients reapply driveway sealants at regular intervals as heavy use, grit and wear and tear can affect the sealant.


Our Driveway Cleaning Warrington team are always happy to help to keep your driveway in the best shape. If you have any questions or queries for our qualified team, please do not hesitate to contact us at