Methods of Roof Cleaning

Methods of Roof Cleaning

17th May 2021

Methods of Roof Cleaning

17th May 2021

Several roof spotting germs such as algae, lichen, and moss survive on the organic material found on the rooftop. So, depending on the types of tile, style of roof, and customer’s budget, some careful study on cleaning methods compatibility is required.

But before discussing the methods, let’s try to know the types of roofing.

Flat roofs

These types of rooftop are popular as they provide more space on top of the house. These are typically safer but need more maintenance as dirt and debris accumulate on the roof.

Pyramid hip roof

Advantages of this type of roof are minimal risk of leakages. The top has four sides that are slanted which meets at one point.

Gable roof

This is ideal for colder climates. It fends off the snow to build upon the roof. The main feature is two sloping sides which meet at the top.

Curved roof

These roofs have a creative appearance generally made of steel. The slope needs water and snow to clear out, so professional help is required for installing.

Roofing material

Different types of roofs require non-identical roofing material. Some regular materials are: –

  • Asphalt Shingles: Costs Vary from nominal to expensive ones and are available in various shapes and sizes.
  • Metal roofing: Metal roofs last longer, even up to 100 years, especially the copper roof.
  • Wood shake: An ideal roofing material for sloped roofs is wood shake roofs. These are ideal for nature and provide a native appearance.
  • EPDM flat roofing: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a laminated rubber roofing, very common for commercial use.

Here are few roof cleaning methods you can implement according to your requirement. 

Pressure washing

It’s one of the most debatable roof cleaning methods; if an unskilled, untrained layperson does the task, it can ruin the roof. So, carrying out a detailed roof study before the mission is advisable. 

Hand scraper and brush 

This type of method is for those who want to get rid of build-up moss. You can easily remove a cluster of moss is removed with either a scraper tool or sturdy brush. If your intention is just for cleaning up, one can opt for this method.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is suitable for light works such as removing lichen, algae and the like. Using a safe wash solution not only cleans your roof but creates no threat to your family and environment.

Air wash system

This method is a gentle technique of cleaning moss from your roof. It is a subtle roof cleaning method where the air is released from the gutter or ground height. 

Chlorine Bleach cleaning

This cleaning method is economical as the chemicals are cheap, but experts do not advise exercising this method.

Roof blow

This cleaning method, as it echoes, uses an air blower to blow off the rubbles from the roof. But this cannot remove the stubborn stains and other underlying issues.

Roof cleaning should be a part of your home maintenance work. Remember never to abandon your roof. It’s everything that steers your home apart from the four walls.