Our Roof Cleaning Services in Chorley

Our Roof Cleaning Services in Chorley

30th April 2020

Our Roof Cleaning Services in Chorley

30th April 2020

Does buildups of moss, lichen, animal waste and other debris become a real problem for your roof? If this is the case, then you need our roof cleaning Chorley team.

At Just Clean Property Care, we work tirelessly to remove all the debris from your roof, cleaning and scrubbing by hand to ensure roofs are spotless. We have a variety of roof cleaning services and packages available with something to suit everybody’s needs and budget.

Buildup of debris

Roofs quite commonly become a mess due to buildups of moss, algae, lichen and animal waste. If left untreated, your roof’s tiles can become damaged and your gutters may become blocked.

For instance, when moss builds up on a roof it does three things;

  1. It acts like a sponge and retains water
  2. When moss grows in between tiles & soaks up water then freezes, it will expand causing cracks in tiles
  3. Moss hinders rainwater flowing freely off the roof

Rather than waiting for your roof’s state to reach the point of being a problem, speak to Just Clean Property Care.

Our Roof Cleaning Processes

Vortex Nozzle Low-Pressure – Vortex low-pressure washing is both a safe and effective method for the removal of debris from your roof. We make use of a constant flow of swirling water that is directly applied to your roof to remove debris. Once the cleaning has finished, the roof will be treated with an antifungal Soft Washing Treatment to help prevent further problems.

Soft Washing Low Pressure – A cleaning approach that both cleans and sanitises your roof. Once we have finished cleaning your roof, we will treat your roof with an antifungal solution to combat further buildups. Our treatment does not only clean your roof, but it removes the very spores that create fungus. We use a low amount of hose pressure, which is directly applied to the offending areas.

Manual Roof Scraping – All roofs are manually scraped by hand first, our manual roof cleaning service is a traditional approach to roof cleaning and moss removal. Our Chorley team will visit your home to scrape the moss and debris from your roof by hand. They ensure that every single bit of debris or grime is removed and that the area is completely free of fungus. We also treat the roof with a Soft Washing fungicidal treatment to fight against further problems.

Restore the Look of Your Roof

Roof Cleaning is an excellent way of improving the look of your house. If you have a roof covered in moss, algae, or lichen, it can detract from the look of the property. Most people decide to employ a specialist roof cleaning company to clean and restore the original look of the roof because of aesthetics. By removing the dirt and grime, the original colour and look of the tiles or slates can be seen, therefore restoring the look of your roof.

Why Choose Our Roof Cleaning Services?

  • Our team of roof cleaning experts cleans every individual roof tile, making sure they are all spotless and free of grime.
  • We clean your roof thoroughly without damaging your cement work or tiles.
  • A huge transformation from before and after the clean.
  • Our coating will protect and waterproof your tiles.
  • We offer a competitively priced and affordable service

Our Roof Cleaning service in Chorley will completely remove all of the dirt, grime, moss, algae and stains.

Domestic & Commercial Services

We pride ourselves in providing first-class services to domestic and commercial clients throughout the city. Our team maintains a high standard of customer service to ensure our customers are completely happy with the results. Our roof cleaning services include cleaning gutters, roof treatments and preventative treatments to guarantee a presentable home or business.

To find out more about our roof cleaning services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 01257 543 021 today for free, friendly advice.