Popular methods of driveway cleaning

Popular methods of driveway cleaning

25th September 2021

Popular methods of driveway cleaning

25th September 2021

There are several services that the professional provides for driveway cleaning. You can choose the cleaning service that you want from the service provider for the driveway. The cleaning you opt for will determine the technique used. Cleaning techniques, however, are dependent on the type of surface that you have.

Surface material matters

There are different materials surface for driveways; each requires a unique way of cleaning and maintenance. Knowing your surface will get you the right service needed for your driveway. It will also determine the treatment plan for the stains on the surface. 

Let look into some of the popular cleaning methods used for driveway cleaning in Manchester

Popular methods of driveway cleaning

Soft washing

Soft washing is generally different from traditional high-pressure washing. It is a method used to clean the surface of the driveway with soaps. The driveway’s surface absorbs sediments and fluids, and thus the colour changes and causes it to look dull. Soft washing is used to remove moss, dirt and residue fluids from the surface.

This method is highly effective solution, one of the safest and preferred choices of cleaning method. If you want a long-lasting and durable driveway, this method of cleaning should be opted. 

The soft washing method uses lower pressure than traditional pressure wash. It takes a longer time than the latter but gives excellent results. 

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing has revolutionised washing services. Pressure washing is one of the most popular methods of cleaning driveways. It is generally suitable for all surfaces except for a few. Over time build-up on the surface of the driveways can be hard to remove from just a simple cleaning method. 

Due to its high pressure, a pressure washer can easily remove the tough stains from the driveway’s surface. Besides stains and other particles, it can effectively remove moulds, mildews and other organic particles growing on the surface. It is a portable device which makes it convenient for cleaning. The high pressure from the washer removes dirt easily, which reduces the time you spend on cleaning. 


Another popular method of cleaning is the method of scrubbing. It can also be called the traditional method of cleaning the driveway. There is no use of a machine or other equipment in this type of cleaning. It requires a scrub brush and a cleaning agent to clean the surface. 

The method uses soaps and detergents to remove the tough stains and the rest of the surface. This method requires manual effort to clean the surface. You will have to get down on your knees and elbow for a good scrub to achieve full cleaning. A simple garden hose is needed to do the rinsing after the thorough scrubbing is done. 

This method of cleaning is best suited for someone who does not have a pressure washer. If you also don’t want a professional service, you can use this method. 


If you intend to use soft washing or pressure washing service, make sure you read the manual and instructions. You can also get professional help. If you are happy with good old scrubbing, the scrub wash will be best.