Driveway Cleaning: Power Washing Vs Pressure Washing

Driveway Cleaning: Power Washing Vs Pressure Washing

13th July 2021

Driveway Cleaning: Power Washing Vs Pressure Washing

13th July 2021

Cleaning driveways can be a formidable challenge. You spend most of the day on your knees scrubbing a large hard surface. Even if you’re lucky to get a push broom, it still doesn’t make the task any easier. Fortunately, technology has come a long way, and a lot more tools are available to us. 

Power washers and pressure washers are relatively new cleaning-tech. Both use highly pressurized water jets to clean. They can clean any surface from wood to glass. No surprise then that they can clean driveways well. When it comes to power washing or pressure washing your driveway, you should always let the professionals do the work for you. Just Clean Property Care is a professional driveway cleaning company in Manchester – contact us today!

What’s the difference?

Washers can drastically cut down cleaning time. Although they require some practice to get used to, they are pretty user-friendly. 

Both power and pressure washers share similar cleaning mechanisms. Both use intense water pressure that shoots out from a nozzle. 

You can change the nozzle to change how the water is sprayed. This adjustability is beneficial if you are cleaning different surfaces that require other methods of cleaning. 

More so, the water pressure is adjustable, which enables gentler cleaning. 

However, they differ in one area. Pressure washers rely solely on intense water pressure to clean. On the other hand, power washers have an added feature that heats the pressurized water.

How Differently Do We Use Them?

Both power and pressure washers are effective cleaners; no questions asked. However, certain surfaces require specific cleaning methods, and sometimes one is preferred over the other. 

Pressurized Washers

Pressurized washers are a good option for regular cleaning. They work by lifting off the gunk from soiled surfaces. They are relatively cheaper than power washers, making them easily accessible. Other than driveways, they can clean floors, walls, and even windows.

For driveways, you can use a pressure washer more regularly than a power washer. Adjust the water pressure to a lower setting. With lower pressure, you can be gentler to your driveway surfaces. Driveway surfaces that quickly show noticeable soiling can benefit from pressure washers. However, they are not suitable for filthy surfaces.

Power washers

Power washers use heated water to clean surfaces. These types of washers can effectively clean heavily soiled surfaces.

Power washers are suitable for concrete surfaces, which quickly erode from high-pressure cleaning. Power washing cleans surfaces by melting the oil and dirt.

Power washers can efficiently clean concrete that is prone to mildew, moss, and staining. Moreover, even with a lower pressure, the heated water from these washers is enough to clean effectively.

Similarly, power washing helps remove salt debris on concrete. The heated water pressure can remove salt build-up by dissolving it from the surface of the driveway. 

The only downside to these washers is that they are expensive. And are not suitable on surfaces that cannot withstand heat. However, most washers come with a setting to turn off the heated water.

Which is The Right Washer for You?

One is a suitable cleaning tool that you can use on most surfaces regularly. The other ensures a deep clean with every washdown. Choose the right washer according to your needs and cleaning habits.