Professional guide to cleaning your driveway

3rd July 2019

Professional guide to cleaning your driveway

3rd July 2019

It may seem like a simple process to hire a pressure washer and clean the driveway and patio areas of your property. However, there are pieces of vital information that you must consider before you invest any time or effort into cleaning your driveway. Without understanding the necessities, you can cause irreparable damage and staining to your investment. At Just Clean Property Care, our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team are dedicated to ensuring that our customers understand the mechanics surrounding driveway cleaning. We have listed a few of the most important elements of pressure washing below.

Analyse your driveway surface beforehand

Before you commit to any kind of pressure washing service, it is important that you first assess the condition of your driveway or patio area. How does the surface look in general? Are there any cracks or chips in the surface? Do you have a problem with weeds or other foliage contaminating the space in between your block paving. You also need to ensure that your driveway isn’t sinking or needs to be relaid and if you have any serious staining.

Do you have block paving or a brick driveway, it is important to factor that into your cleaning plans. Different materials require a more specialised treatment, different pressures and detergents and soaps. Our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team can advise you on the correct procedures upon your consultation.

Prepare your driveway for pressure washer cleaning

Your driveway will most likely collect stray leaves, wrappers and other debris. Before your driveway is pressure washed, our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team suggest that you take the time to sweep any loose debris away and pull any visible weeds. We can include a weed killing spray in your service at an additional cost. Please discuss this prior to any manual work being carried out during your consultation.

We also advise keeping any children or pets away from your paved area whilst it dries or is being worked on.

Treat any serious stains prior to pressure washing

Our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team always advise our customers to assess the state of their driveway or patio before committing to a pressure washing service. This is important as different stains may require different treatments. Oil based stains (like paints or motor oils) you will need to use a paint stripper solution. However, this must be used with the utmost care as they are only recommended for concrete driveways. For other stains, normal scouring and detergent will suffice.


In conclusion, our team will always ensure that your driveway is adequately prepared for pressure washing. Our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team will collaborate with you to ensure that we will provide you with the most professional and personalised service. For more information or to speak to a member of our friendly team, please visit