Proper ways to maintain your driveway

Proper ways to maintain your driveway

14th September 2020

Proper ways to maintain your driveway

14th September 2020

Driveways are probably the most trodden on areas of the house. And we often overlook the stains and cracks until they are evident. Give your driveway the attention it needs by making quick repairs and cleaning it with a professional service for driveway cleaning in Widnes. Not only will you be able to prolong the driveway’s life and keep it attractive, but you can also save yourself some money in the long run.

In this article, we will guide you through proper ways to maintain some types of driveways. Adding to that, here is a list of things you should do to maintain your driveway, no matter what kind:

  • Prevent and fill cracks
  • Remove oil and grease stains immediately
  • Avoid the movement of construction equipment and heavy vehicles.
  • Avoid the use of de-icing chemicals.

Concrete driveway

The ultimate step to keeping a concrete driveway good as new is with regular sealing and cleaning.

Sealing – You should seal your concrete driveways when you notice signs of the finish wearing off, or every two years. This applies to those living in a moderate weather area where the driveways are used for normal traffic. If your driveway usually gets high traffic, you will need to do the sealing more often.

Cleaning – The amount of cleaning that your driveway requires depends on the type of vehicles that tread on it and the traffic. However, if there are fluid leaks, you should clean it immediately. Leaving it for the next day or two will only make the stain stubborn and discolour your driveway.

Gravel driveway

When it comes to putting a new driveway, a gravel driveway might be the least expensive. However, you need top maintenance to keep the driveway looking nice.

Weeding – You will see weeds growing on your gravel driveway regularly. So keep them away by using a weed cleaner on your entire driveway.

Potholes – People often drop the gravel driveway idea because of potholes. But you can fix them easily by filling them with sand and replacing the gravel.

Brick driveway

If you have a brick driveway and want it to last long, follow these steps:

Remove weeds or grass – The first proper step to maintain your brick drive is to remove grass or weeds that maybe there in between the bricks.

Sweeping – Sweep the driveway regularly to get rid of mud and excess dirt.

Power washing – You can use a power washer if you have tough stains on the driveway. Wet cleaning it using a sturdy bristle brush, detergent, and hot water is also an effective way of cleaning brick driveways.

Asphalt driveway

Asphalt driveways are a popular choice, besides concrete. It can look fantastic at first, but without proper maintenance, your driveway isn’t going to be your favourite outdoor area.

Avoid spills – Avoid spills and leakages from vehicles on the driveway as it can ruin the surface. In case there is a spillage, remove the excess fluid with an absorbent cloth or towel immediately. Then rinse it off using a garden hose.

Rinsing – Rinse off your driveway with a garden hose once a week to remove debris and dirt.