Steps to Remove Moss and Algae from Your Conservatory Roof

Steps to Remove Moss and Algae from Your Conservatory Roof

14th September 2020

Steps to Remove Moss and Algae from Your Conservatory Roof

14th September 2020

The formation of moss and algae is one of the most common problems of almost every conservatory roof. Not only do they impact the aesthetics of your conservatory, but they also damage the structure of your conservatory roofs.

Unfortunately, the build-up of moss and algae is mostly unavoidable. It becomes even worse during the damp winter seasons. Regardless of whether your conservatory roof consists of glass or polycarbonate panels, you will want to handle it the right way. If not, you may have to spend a lot of money on repairs in the long run.

Fortunately, the removal of both moss and algae is quite simple and easy to perform. You will also find a ton of products that can help you in the removal as well when performing a conservatory cleaning in St Helens.

In this article, we will show a detailed guide on how to remove moss and algae from your conservatory and also how you can prevent it to a certain degree.

Check for leaks

If your conservatory has moss or algae inside the structure, you probably have some leaks inside your roof. You should check for it immediately and repair any leaks if you find them. This will prevent any future formation of moss and algae inside your conservatory and you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Mix a solution of soft detergent and warm powder

The best way to clean your conservatory roof is to use soft detergent/soap with warm water. The use of harsh chemicals can lead to permanent damage to your glass panels as well as other components made of plastics.

However, you will find some great products in the market which can help clean your conservatory. Before you buy such products, always make sure to read the reviews and the contents.

Start washing

First, start off by washing the moss and algae from your roof manually. You might need to use a pressure washer in some of the areas you cannot remove by hand. Although using a pressure washer is not recommended for cleaning conservatories, it can still be quite safe and effective if you seek professional help.

Use a soft telescopic brush

For hard-to-reach areas, use a soft telescopic brush. Make sure they are not too hard because hard brushes have the tendency to leave scuffs and scratches on your glass panels.

Clean the frames

While cleaning the glass panels, makes sure to clean the frames as well. Conservatory roof cleaning in St Helens usually have uPVC or wooden frames. It should be one of your top priorities to maintain these frames. And as such, you should only use soft detergent and soap with warm water.

After you clean the wooden frame, wait for it to dry. Once it is dry, treat it with oil for more protection and durability.


Despite all the cleaning, you might see some build-up of moss and algae again, especially during the winter season. However, it is only natural during damp weather. So if you want to make sure that your conservatory lasts a long time, then you should keep cleaning it regularly.