Roof Cleaning Tips & What to Avoid

10th August 2018

Roof Cleaning Tips & What to Avoid

10th August 2018

Most home-owners will avoid cleaning their roofs until the most last-minute opportunity that they can find. This can be incredibly damaging to your roof, especially if you have an infestation of moss or other growths.

Your roof cleaning Stockport services understand the frustration and effort that goes into cleaning your roof, but if you’re a roof-cleaning rookie then you may not know the tricks to the trade. We’re going to give you four top tips on how to clean your roof effectively and professionally.

Avoid Using a Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer on your roof isn’t only dangerous, but also can cause serious damage to your roof. Pressure washing can loosen the shingles on your roof, leaving your roof dangerous to passers-by and yourself.

Roof cleaning Stockport advises to, instead, use a sprayer that is attached to a garden hose, and then rinsing thoroughly with clean water afterwards. This avoids the harsh abrasion of the pressure washer and doesn’t damage your roofing.

Clean Regularly

As we’ve already addressed, cleaning your roof isn’t always the top of your priorities, but roof cleaning Stockport advises to keep an eye on things at all times. Cleaning your roof regularly avoids the accumulation of growths such as algae and moss which can severely damage your roof.

Cleaning your roof regularly also prevents growths appearing, leaving your roof looking pleasing and tidy all year round. The best time of year to clean your roof has to be summer, as then you have the perfect weather conditions to get up to that roof and be safe whilst up there. Other weatherly conditions such as rain and cold weather can cause accidents and become incredibly unsafe.

Don’t Wait Until There’s an Issue to Take Action

Waiting until your roof is absolutely riddled with moss and algae isn’t the best way to address the situation. Not only can it damage your roof tiles and shingles, but it can also take a lot more effort to remove the issues than a smaller amount of moss and algae.

Instead of avoiding the issue, take action! Trimming back any overhanging branches to expose the roof to sunlight and clearing debris such as leaves and foliage as it can help to keep your roof in its best state.

Abide by Proper Safety Regulations

Always make sure that you are being safe when cleaning your roof, as standing on the top of a big building isn’t the best time to start being nonchalant. Be sure to always have someone help you to hold ladders and pass you items when cleaning your roof.

It’s also a good idea to invest in some safety clothing, such as non-slip boots, to keep you safely stood on your roof. Being safe when cleaning your roof is the most important step you could follow, if you choose to take anything away from this blog post.

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