Self-Clean vs Professional Conservatory Cleaners

Self-Clean vs Professional Conservatory Cleaners

21st October 2020

Self-Clean vs Professional Conservatory Cleaners

21st October 2020

Yes, we all know that DIYs are popular and seem like a great way to save money. But there are certain truths in specific fields like conservatory cleaning in Manchester, where DIYs can cost you more money and not to mention the time. There is no huge risk in trying to clean your conservatories by yourself. However, the reality remains that professional cleaners do a more thorough job of cleaning than if you did it yourself. Think about eating food in the restaurant which you could also prepare at home. I bet that cheeseburger tastes better from the eatery. This difference is because professionals know what they are up for and have been in the business for years.

So let’s see what the differences between hiring a professional cleaner and doing it yourself:

Dirt Cleaning

You could use a garden hose to do the first cleaning of dust, dirt, and leaves. A professional would use an extendable carbon pole to pump the water through the brush heads to clean off the debris. You may or may not know your conservatories’ structure and position objectively, but trust a professional service to know that. They would know exactly where the dirt and molds thrive. And, accordingly, work their way through the cleaning process that leaves the conservatory fresh and clean.

Mold Cleaning

Mostly you could clean your conservatories by spraying water and wash the entire roof and panels with soap and water. Any equipment you could use could be a ladder, brush, soap, and mold solutions. A professional cleaner or a service would never stop at just that. They will bring all the equipment necessary for the cleaning (so you don’t have to buy any). They will then clean the roofs and panels with a traffic film remover to clear the stubborn grime, algae, and molds. And the process of applying the degreaser, scrubbing in, and rinsing off the dirt is not just done once or twice; instead, until the conservatory looks spotless.

Water Residue

The process of wiping dry the water residual with a sponge or cloth on a handle is a standard DIY. However, a professional conservatory cleaning service does not do mere sponges. Water residuals will be wiped and cleaned by hand to give a gleaming effect on your conservatory. The plastic between the panels will also be hand-polished with a UPVC cleaner, making your conservatory look shiny and new.

Reaching the unreachable

There are specific sides and areas in the conservatory that are not easily accessible. And these unreachable areas are often left without cleaning when it is done by general cleaners or even by yourself. On the other hand, professional cleaners take it as a challenge and thoroughly clean every inch. Debris and grime stuck in the ridges and gutters come off effortlessly with professional equipment. Another advantage to professional cleaners is that they would fix problems in the trenches or pipes if they find any, which you wouldn’t have noticed due to the lack of knowledge or equipment.


Cleaning roofs that are large and wide need to be done with caution and safety. When you’re doing it yourself, you may not have all the essential tools and kits to do the job correctly. Professional cleaners come in handy, especially when safety is required. They already have all the safety kits and equipment to do the job without any safety issues. Additionally, with their expertise and knowledge of the process, professionals do a better job at conservatory cleaning, something that might be risky for you to do.