Should You Clean Or Paint Your UPVC?

Should You Clean Or Paint Your UPVC?

27th September 2021

Should You Clean Or Paint Your UPVC?

27th September 2021

UPVC material is versatile, and anyone can maintain them by cleaning them regularly or painting them altogether. This is another way to retain their brightness and lustre.  

Painting your UPVC doors and windows is a smart alternative to manually cleaning them all the time. However, this is not a simple task to follow through. Here are some fundamental points you need to bear in mind before proceeding:

Do not attempt to paint new UPVC 

If you had recently installed UPVC doors and windows, you would stick to your cleaning schedule. New UPVCs have an extra plastic layering to give them a shiny, brand-new look. Thus, it is not feasible to paint onto its surface. You will have to wait for about a year or more before you can paint on them effectively.  

Meanwhile, do your research on how you can clean your UPVC doors and window frames carefully without making the mistake of using the wrong product and techniques. Having a piece of good knowledge on how to maintain your UPVC will be easy on your wallet and keep you out from damaging your doors and windows. 

Should You Clean Or Paint Your UPVC?

What are the colours you can use? 

Many homeowners have a knack for giving their UPVC doors, windows and conservatories a new look annually.  

The question is, how do they go about with that? Here is your answer. 

You can use all kinds of colours on your UPVC. You only need to make sure that the colour you choose should blend well with the plastic surface. Some paints do not sit on plastic surfaces. Thus, it would be best to find the correct paint that can chemically fight the intense UV rays and withstand the natural bleaching process caused by the sun. 

UPVC cleaning VS painting 

Both of them fall under the category of UPVC maintenance. However, if you need to choose an option, here are some pros and cons of each category to help you identify the more feasible option and why Cheshire UPVC cleaning may be a better option:

Pros of UPVC cleaning 

  • Promotes a longer shelf life 
  • Many DIY UPVC cleaning techniques you can choose from and apply 
  • Cleaning with lukewarm water and vinegar alone can produce desired results. 

Cons of UPVC cleaning

  • It can be expensive if you need to hire professional cleaners 
  • Require continuous effort in cleaning to prevent discoloration.  
  • Just cleaning alone cannot tackle the problems of rust and moulding 

Pros of UPVC painting 

  • Long-lasting 
  • prevent moulding and rust. Paint will not fade or discolour 
  • Liberty to choose different colours and better alternatives to UPVC replacement 

Cons  of UPVC painting

  • It can get messy, especially for inexperienced painters 
  • Will require priming before painting 
  • Many paints will not support plastic surfaces 


Hopefully, by now, you can get a brief idea of which technique should work better on your UPVC. Opt for the simple cleaning method if you think you cannot keep up with painting your doors and windows since it requires meticulous strokes and you do not wish to splurge. It is easier than painting.  

However, if your UPVCs show signs of discoloration and rusting, painting them will be more competent.