Signs that it’s time to clean your roof

30th September 2019

Signs that it’s time to clean your roof

30th September 2019

 Have you thought of how roof cleaning can affect your overall home appearance of efficiency? It does in numerous ways, and it is, therefore, crucial that you keep your roof system clean and healthy at all times. This activity is an investment that will not only protect the roof from damages but also, enhances your home’s curb appeal.

Without regular roof cleaning and maintenance, it will eventually deteriorate and will lead you to get repair or replacement even before the roof serves its ideal term. How do you know that it is time to for roof cleaning Cheshire? Here are the top signs that you should not ignore.

Growth of moss and algae

If you notice a moss buildup on the roof, it means that it is time to have it thoroughly cleaned. You will know there is a buildup once you see that the colour of the roof is changing. Also, check if there is some a layer on top of the roofing material. Moss growth is something that you might not be in a position to prevent, especially during the cold and wet climate. Unfortunately, its growth will only cause the roof to wear and tear, thus reducing its lifespan. While you cannot prevent its growth, you can protect the roof from destruction by having it scraped.

Leaves pile up

The other sign that you need to clean the roof is if you notice too many leaves piling up. This is common especially during the fall season, and if you do not do something about it, the pile-up will damage your roof not to forget that it is not appealing in any way the leaves and twigs will accumulate, block the gutters and the results will be trapped water on the roof. Water and roof do not go together, and this will result in rotting and shingle damages. Before you know it, you are dealing with a leaking roof.

Dark Spots

Hard water stains will discolour your roof, leaving it with spots and stains. Do not assume that those streaks on the roof are dirt. They could be stains or signs of algae. The blue-green algae to be precise are the main culprit, and the worst part is that it spreads fast. If you take too long before having the roof cleaned, the culprit will eventually damage the roof by eating away the roof material and shingles. Things could get worse, and the algae could get to the deck and destroy wood, thus putting the entire building at risk.

Other than the dark spots, you may realize that your roof is beginning to lose its shine, and the colour is getting dull. Although at times, this may result from the age and exposure of the roof, it could also be a sign of dirt, thus making the roof uninviting. You should look into that.

These are the top signs that it is time to clean your roof, something that can quickly be done by seeking professionals’ help. Look for the best roof cleaning company in Cheshire and let them work towards your roof maintenance.

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