Simple Tips For Effective Conservatory Cleaning

Simple Tips For Effective Conservatory Cleaning

10th August 2020

Simple Tips For Effective Conservatory Cleaning

10th August 2020

Conservatory cleaning is one of those tasks that look fairly simple on the outside. But, once you get down to business, you realise it is not quite a breeze. On the contrary, conservatory cleaning can be a tricky task. It is not as simple as just spraying water and wiping it clean with a sponge. The best option for effective conservatory cleaning in Wigan is to hire a professional company, such as Just Clean Property Care.

Conservatory cleaning can also be a risky chore if not done right. Small cracks in the glass or frame wears and tears are all potentially hazardous. This is probably why it is best to let a professional conservatory cleaning service to do it for you.

Luckily, there are some simple DIY tips to help you achieve an effective conservatory cleaning result.

Clean off common dirt manually

It is usually best not to start off directly by spraying water on the conservatory. There might be some persistent lump of muck or dirt that may spill all over the surface. This can increase your work by nearly double times.

Instead, locate common dirt like algae or moss and try to remove it manually. This will reduce the amount of dirt you need to clean and also ensure a smooth and quick result. You can clean the rest of the filth by using a pressure washer and a suitable cleaning solution.

Use a telescopic angle pole

A telescopic pole is a must-have tool if you plan to undertake conservatory cleaning yourself. It eliminates nearly half of your cleaning time by making the task simple and convenient. Telescopic poles extend to long distances and give you access to those hard-to-reach areas. You can attach cleaning equipment like a brush or a water nozzle to its top end and clean all corners of the conservatory with ease.

A telescopic angle pole reaches out to every corner of the conservatory and helps provide a deep clean. You can just stay on the ground and let the pole do its job on the roof without using ladders or climbing the conservatory yourself.

Use genuine cleaning detergents

Do not make the mistake of using just about any cleaning detergent at your disposal. They might give you a sparkling result but can also compromise your conservatory’s durability, especially the wooden frames. Professional cleaners often recommend using a cleaning solution containing abrasive chemicals.

Abrasive chemicals can deteriorate the strength of your uPVC or wooden frames in the long run. As such, they can come to lose and compromise the entire glass structure. To prevent such untimely accidents, it is best to use only genuine cleaning detergents. Also, you can apply oil once the frames dry off for additional protection.

Do not forget about the indoor cleaning

The majority of homeowners may call it quits after cleaning the exterior portion of the conservatory. However, for optimum cleaning efficiency, indoor cleaning matters just as much. The amount of dirt and dust accumulation of the indoor may not be as substantial as the exterior, but they are still there regardless.

Also, mold and mildew inside the housing can promote a very distinctive musty stench. So, make sure you extend your cleaning on the inside as well.

For the best conservatory cleaning results, contact our team of expert Wigan conservatory cleaners today.